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Tyson Fury set to fight Deontay Wilder in December

Unpredictable, loves proving others wrong: don’t bet against Tyson Fury in Vegas

The day that the Deontay Wilder-Tyson Fury fight was first spoken of a few weeks ago, the bookmaker’s on-the-hoof assessment of the bout made Fury a strong favourite. It was an assessment that shocked me. Remember this was even before last weekend’s bout with Francesco Pianeta. How could anyone, on the basis of his four rounds with Sefer Seferi, make Fury favourite against Wilder?

Have a look at some of the highlights of Fury’s fights and the unpredictable gameplay and movements are key to the success of Fury. It’s no easy feat that Tyson Fury floored the heavyweight giant Wladimir Klitschko. Where is Klitschko now? – retired. Fury didn’t just floor Klichko in the ring but also destroyed his reputation and career.

In a comeback fight, Tyson Fury beat Sefer Seferi in four rounds –

Fury looks like a Gypsy [King] on a mission.

The last match of Deontay Wilder was with Luis Orbitz. Things were looking good for Orbitz until the 10th round when the fight was stopped by the referee after Deontay knocked out Orbitz. Here are the highlights –

Deontay fights in a traditional way, like Wladimir Klitschko. And, we know from history how the unusual and unpredictable style of Fury gives him the edge. Do you think Wilder would be another casualty of Fury, like Wladimir?

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