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Theresa May faces ‘up to 100’ Tory MPs rebelling over Brexit

Up to 100 Tory MPs are preparing to rebel against Theresa May unless she scraps her controversial Chequers plan for Brexit.

Jacob Rees-Mogg is among MPs who want May to scrap her Chequers Brexit strategy.

Theresa May is facing a rebellion from ‘up to 100’ Tory MPs over Brexit, it has been claimed today. As Britain and the EU enter into another round of negotiations backbench Tory MPs in the European Research Group (ERG) are determined to scupper the PM’s strategy. ERG chairman Jacob Rees-Mogg wants the PM to scrap her Chequers Brexit plan which sparked the resignations of Boris Johnson and David Davis.

Rees-Mogg told the Sunday Times today: ‘The prime minister needs to look at what she herself has said, the promises she has made, the commitments of the last election, and see if they square with Chequers and in my view they do not. ‘If she sticks with Chequers, she will find she has a block of votes against her in the House of Commons.’ The ERG is compiling a report which will set out the ‘Canada plus plus’ model and a ‘no deal’ Brexit option. Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, a member of the European Research Group, said: ‘In about two weeks we in the ERG are going to come out with our Canada plus plus and no deal proposals.

On the other hand, Theresa May faces UKIP leader Nigel Farage who delivered a blistering on-air interview, following his announcement of his return to frontline politics, as he claimed Mrs May does not believe Britain is “good enough to run its own affairs”.

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