Novichok poisoning suspects speak out for first time

Novichok poisoning suspects speak out for first time

Theresa May today blasted Russia’s novichok assassins after they claimed to be tourists stuck in Salisbury and called their story ‘lies and blatant fabrication’.

Sergei Skripal with his daughter

The Prime Minister said the suspects, who used the aliases Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov to get into Britain, had ‘insulted the public’s intelligence’ and had been ‘deeply offensive to victims’.  Today the suspected GRU agents, believed to be from Siberia, told state TV station RT they were only wandering around Salisbury after failing to get to Stonehenge because of snow. In the ‘absurd’ interview the men even admitted they may have ended up at Sergei Skripal’s suburban home by accident while looking for the cathedral, which has a 400ft spire and is 25 minutes in the other direction. The pair also refused to say why they booked into an east London hotel 127 miles away – or why it contained traces of novichok – and failed to explain why they appeared to have no luggage when they hastily travelled home to Russia. Body language expert Judy James told MailOnline the men appeared to recite ‘a script’ while others said their description of Salisbury and its landmarks bore a remarkable resemblance to the city’s Wikipedia page. Kremlin-funded broadcaster RT even suggested the suspects weren’t trained killers – hinting they were gay lovers on a romantic break because they had ‘little beards, short haircuts and tight pants’.  The PM’s spokesman said today: ‘The lies and blatant fabrications in this interview, given to a Russian state-sponsored TV station, are an insult to the public’s intelligence, and more importantly they are deeply offensive to the victims and loved ones of this horrific attack.

The two Skripal suspects Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov have spoken out for the first time and say they were just tourists enjoying the delights of Salibury Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov have been accused by British police of being two Russian spies. During their brazen TV appearance the men claimed they now fear for their lives and demanded an apology from Britain and RT said they were so nervous they needed Cognac before going on air The pair claim they were only in Salisbury for an hour because of gaps in the Sunday train service to London and said if they stumbled upon Sergei Skripal’s suburban house it was only by accident Alexander Petrov, right in CCTV footage, and Ruslan Boshirov, left, were named by British authorities as the suspects but insisted they are victims of a smear and were merely on holiday  Former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with Novichok after it was smeared on his front door One of the spies admitted they may have got lost and accidentally ended up near Skripal’s house and said their trip to Salisbury as tourists was hampered by snow so they ‘left early’ on March 4 – the day the Skripals fell ill ‘Sadly it is what we have come to expect. An illegal chemical weapon has been used on the streets of this country, we have seen four people left seriously ill in hospital and an innocent woman has died. Theresa May blasted the suspects’ story and called it an insult to Britain and especially the people of Salisbury ‘Russia has responded with contempt. The police have set out very clearly the evidence against these two men, they are wanted men and we have taken all steps to ensure they are apprehended and brought to justice in the UK if they ever again step foot outside of Russia.’

Scotland Yard says it was aware of statements made ‘by two men’ and reiterated ‘Alexander Petrov’ and ‘Ruslan Boshirov’ are ‘wanted’.  After the extraordinary interview today, it also emerged:  Experts say there are gaping holes in their story and body language expert tells MailOnline the men appeared reciting ‘guide book monologues’ about Salisbury;  PM’s spokesman says that the interview is ‘obfuscation and lies’ to claim the suspected Russian spies went to Salisbury twice in two days as tourists; Scotland Yard says the suspects are still wanted – and insist the two men are using aliases;  Two novichok suspects say they fear that British secret services may be planning to assassinate them; They have also accused UK police of hiding CCTV at Salisbury cathedral and other tourist spots to pin attack on them;   Russian media suggests that the men, who had ‘fashionable beards’ and tight trousers, may have been gay men on a long weekend to Britain rather than a murder mission;  ‘Absurd’ claims of the novichok assassins: Observers point out several holes in pair’s ‘innocent tourists’ story  The ‘accidental’ visit to Skripal’s home CCTV released by police places the two suspects at Sergei Skripal’s suburban house. Today the men admitted they may have ended up there – but claimed it was an accident. The property, which had novichok smeared on the door, is 25 minutes away from the city centre and its cathedral – which the men said they were there to see.  Ruslan Boshirov said: ‘Maybe we passed it, or maybe we didn’t. I’d never heard about them before this nightmare started. I’d never heard this name before. I didn’t know anything about them’.

Prime Minister Theresa May told the House of Commons last week that CCTV evidence ‘clearly’ places the two Russians in the vicinity of the Skripals’ house shortly before the attack on them. The Met Police released photographs of the elaborate ruse used by the Russian agents including a perfect reconstruction of packaging to transport the weapon A timeline of the key developments in the Salisbury poisoning case 2010 – Sergei Skripal, a former Russian military intelligence officer jailed for spying for Britain, is released and flown to the UK as part of a swap with Russian agents caught in the United States. Britain’s most wanted men speak to RT and claim to be humble tourists


Man jailed for plot to kill Theresa May

A man who plotted to kill the prime minister in a suicide attack has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 30 years. Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman, 21, from north London, was convicted last month of preparing acts of terrorism. Rahman had planned to detonate a bomb at the gates of Downing Street and then kill Theresa May with a knife or gun. Sentencing him, Mr Justice Haddon-Cave said Rahman “would have carried out his attack” had he not been arrested. Rahman was captured by an undercover operation involving the Metropolitan Police, MI5 and FBI. He was arrested moments after collecting a bag and jacket from an undercover operative that he believed had been fitted with explosives. The judge said: “I am sure that at all material times Rahman believed the devices to be real and capable of causing serious harm.” He added that the undercover officers involved in the case were “scrupulous” at all times and Rahman was the “instigator and author” of his own actions. How Rahman was caught By BBC home affairs correspondent Dominic Casciani Rahman made contact with IS recruiters via social media – but unbeknown to him the contact was actually an FBI agent. That agent referred Rahman to an MI5 team of online role players who convinced him that they were genuine IS figures. “I want to do a suicide bomb on Parliament,” Rahman told the MI5 role players. “I want to attempt to kill Theresa May. All I need now is a sleeper cell to lay low for now.”

Undercover officers gave Rahman a fake bomb Rahman, Mr Justice Haddon-Cave said, had been “told and believed” that the rucksack bomb given to him was “capable of causing casualties on a scale comparable to those caused at the Manchester Arena”, where 22 people were killed. Rahman’s lawyer argued he had been brainwashed by his uncle – who was later killed in a drone strike while fighting for the Islamic State group in Syria – and said his client had not intended to go through with the plot. But a probation report read to the court by the judge revealed that Rahman had admitted in prison he would have carried out the attack had he been able to. A pre-sentence report described him as a “clever and cunning” young man who had the potential to “operate below the radar to dreadful effect”. Mr Justice Haddon-Cave told Rahman he would have “plenty of time” to study the Koran in prison, adding that Islam was “a religion of peace”. The judge added that Rahman – originally from Birmingham – was a “very dangerous individual” and it was hard to predict if he will ever be de-radicalised. Image copyright Met Police Image caption The jacket was filled with fake explosives

During his Old Bailey trial, Rahman pleaded guilty to a separate charge of engaging in conduct which assisted the preparation of terrorist acts, which related to a “sponsorship” video he filmed for an associate who allegedly wanted to join IS in Libya. In addition to the life sentence, Rahman was handed six years in prison for the IS sponsorship video. The sentences will run concurrently, rather than consecutively.


Boris who? Kenyan leader makes a joke at Johnson’s expense

Boris who? Kenyan leader makes a joke at Johnson’s expense

Last month he was foreign secretary, today he became “bicycle guy” when Kenya’s president delivered a humiliating putdown to Boris Johnson to avenge the multiple insults the British politician has thrown at Africa over the years. As President Kenyatta, standing next to Theresa May during her first visit to his country, sought to recall the earlier visit by the former foreign secretary, his memory abruptly failed him. “Last year, if you recall, the foreign secretary then, Boris,”

Mr Kenyatta began as his eyes darted towards Mrs May as he faltered. “Erm, Boris, Boris Johnson . . . yeah bicycle guy — that one! Boris Johnson was here.” Mrs May allowed herself a wry smile as the president eventually “remembered” the name of her former cabinet…

Theresa May, danced, literally –

France ‘prepared’ to help forge EU deal with UK after Brexit

France ‘prepared’ to help forge EU deal with UK after Brexit

The French president will push EU leaders to make a post-Brexit deal with the UK at an upcoming meeting. Emmanuel Macron aims to use an EU summit next month to put pressure on the bloc’s leaders to push for a partnership with Britain. At the meeting in Salzburg, Austria, Mr Macron will outline a new structure for European alliances, based on “concentric circles” with the EU and Euro at its core and the UK in a second ring, according to The Times. The newspaper quoted a diplomatic source saying: “He sees a no-deal scenario as something that would break links and poison relations at a time when Europe needs to be united beyond the EU.” Mr Macron has said that any Brexit deal must not damage the EU’s integrity.

It comes as the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier offered words of optimism, saying: “We are prepared to offer Britain a partnership such as there never has been with any other third country.” Image: Michel Barnier said the EU respected the UK’s ‘red lines’ His words helped trigger a sharp rise for sterling, seeing the pound rise to its highest level for weeks. “We respect Britain’s red lines scrupulously,” Mr Barnier said during a news conference in Berlin. “In return, they must respect what we are. Single market means single market. There is no single market a la carte.”

Following his comments, the pound rose to more than $1.30 for the first time in over three weeks. Sterling jumped by a cent against the dollar, and was also up by a cent against the euro at just over €1.11. Mr Barnier’s comments came as Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab admitted the UK and EU might miss October’s deadline for agreeing a divorce deal. With negotiations still deadlocked on issues such as the Irish border, Mr Raab called for “renewed energy” to push an agreement over the line. Giving evidence to the House of Lords’ EU select committee, Mr Raab said: “It is important as we enter the final phase of the negotiations in the lead up to the October council and the possibility that it may creep beyond that, we want to see some renewed energy.

Pound rises as EU’s Barnier hints at ‘ambitious’ Brexit deal “We’re bringing the ambition and the substance of our white paper on the future relationship and also, I think, some pragmatism to try and go the extra mile to get the deal that I think is in both sides interests. “We need that to be matched obviously – it’s a negotiation.” His comments appear to confirm reports that EU and UK officials are now aiming to finalise divorce terms by the middle of November at the latest, which could prompt an emergency Brussels summit. Mr Raab also said a no-deal Brexit could alter the payments of the UK’s £39bn divorce bill to Brussels. Mr Raab’s fellow Brexiteers have argued no money is payable to the EU if there is no final agreement. Earlier on Wednesday, de facto deputy prime minister David Lidington delivered a warning to both Brussels and Tory Brexiteers. He urged them to swallow their opposition to Theresa May’s Chequers plan for the future UK-EU relationship or risk no deal.

Mr Lidington told a French business conference: “With exactly seven months until the end of Article 50 process and less than two months ahead of the October European Council, we face the choice between the pragmatic proposals we are discussing now with the European Commission, or no deal. “The alternative models do not meet the level of ambition or the outcome we all want to see delivered. “So, we need the EU to engage with us on our positive vision of the future relationship.”


May is shown the Robben Island cell where Mandela was held captive

May is shown the Robben Island cell where Mandela was held captive

Theresa May is shown the Robben Island cell where Nelson Mandela was held captive for nearly two decades Theresa May has visited the Robben Island cell where Nelson Mandela was held The PM was granted the privilege of going inside the cell to view the conditions Visit came as Mrs May was in Cape Town as part of a three-day tour of Africa  By James Tapsfield, Political Editor For Mailonline In Cape Town, South Africa Published: 19:08, 28 August 2018 | Updated: 09:27, 29 August 2018 Theresa May today visited the prison where Nelson Mandela was held captive for nearly two decades. The Prime Minister received a guided tour and was handed a key to open the cell of the man who went on to become South African president. After viewing the conditions first hand, Mrs May signed the guestbook, writing: ‘It has been a privilege to visit in this year – the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nelson Mandela.

The Prime Minister today received a guided tour and was handed a key to open the cell of the man who went on to become South African president Nelson Mandela (pictured) was held prisoner on Robben island for nearly two decades ‘His legacy lives on in the hopes and dreams of young people here in South Africa and around the world.’  But earlier Mrs May had faced awkward questions on her record campaigning for Nelson Mandela’s release in the Seventies and Eighties. The Prime Minister was repeatedly asked what she did to campaign for Mr Mandela’s freedom during the apartheid era. Mrs May was asked by Channel 4 News whether she felt ‘guilty’ for not doing more at the time, as she prepared to visit Robben Island. Mrs May, who is in South Africa as part of a three-day trade mission to the continent, responded: ‘What I will be feeling when I go to Robben Island is to recognise the immense statesmanship of a man who spent so many years incarcerated and when he came out of that incarceration had that breadth of vision and that calm approach that has enabled South Africa to be built into the country that it is today.’

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Before the visit, Mrs May had faced awkward questions on her record campaigning for Nelson Mandela’s release in the Seventies and Eighties Asked if she went on any protests at the time, she said: ‘I think you know full well that I didn’t go on protests. ‘But what is important is the work that the United Kingdom government did to ensure that it was able to give support where that support was needed. She added: ‘What is important was the support that the UK government was giving at the time. Often support behind the scenes, but in other ways too, to ensure that we saw the result that we did in relation to the ending of Apartheid.’


Theresa May faces ‘up to 100’ Tory MPs rebelling over Brexit

Jacob Rees-Mogg is among MPs who want May to scrap her Chequers Brexit strategy.

Theresa May is facing a rebellion from ‘up to 100’ Tory MPs over Brexit, it has been claimed today. As Britain and the EU enter into another round of negotiations backbench Tory MPs in the European Research Group (ERG) are determined to scupper the PM’s strategy. ERG chairman Jacob Rees-Mogg wants the PM to scrap her Chequers Brexit plan which sparked the resignations of Boris Johnson and David Davis.

Rees-Mogg told the Sunday Times today: ‘The prime minister needs to look at what she herself has said, the promises she has made, the commitments of the last election, and see if they square with Chequers and in my view they do not. ‘If she sticks with Chequers, she will find she has a block of votes against her in the House of Commons.’ The ERG is compiling a report which will set out the ‘Canada plus plus’ model and a ‘no deal’ Brexit option. Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, a member of the European Research Group, said: ‘In about two weeks we in the ERG are going to come out with our Canada plus plus and no deal proposals.

On the other hand, Theresa May faces UKIP leader Nigel Farage who delivered a blistering on-air interview, following his announcement of his return to frontline politics, as he claimed Mrs May does not believe Britain is “good enough to run its own affairs”.

Four out of five doctors ‘believe NHS may collapse after Brexit’

Four out of five doctors ‘believe NHS may collapse after Brexit’

Doctors have warned the NHS is at risk of collapse after Brexit, with an ­exodus of staff, drugs shortages and savage cuts. Four out of five medics quizzed in a poll fear for the future of the service once we leave the EU next year. There are concerns a brain drain of European NHS staff will deepen the recruitment crisis. An array of treatments, especially cancer care, could also be negatively affected. Imports of vital drugs such as insulin could be badly hit and investment in research and funding slashed. One medic said the London School of Hygiene and ­Tropical ­Medicine survey results did not surprise him. Dr William Sapwell added: “My impression from the front line is everyone knows it’s going to be bad. It affects every little corner of the NHS. “We have recruitment and retention problems for doctors and if you put a barrier in front of seven to 10% of the ­workforce, it will get far worse. “It’s going to massively affect our ability to treat and detect some types of cancer. That’s the scariest part. How will Brexit affect the National Health Service once it comes into effect? “There is also a real risk we will run out of insulin.” Survey lead author Dr Kate ­Mandeville said: “Doctors are among the best-placed people to understand the impact of political decisions on the NHS. “On Brexit their opinion is very clear: Brexit is bad for the nation’s health.” Labour MP Dr Paul Williams said: “Last week the Health Secretary admitted the NHS is s­tockpiling drugs, and we know if we leave the ­European Medicines Agency we will join the back of the queue for new drugs.” The British Medical ­Association has called for the public to have a say on the terms of the final Brexit deal. Dr Andrew Dearden, of the BMA, said: “Doctors are worried Brexit could seriously undermine the healthcare.” The study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, also found 79% of doctors voted Remain. The Department of Health and Social Care said: “We have continued to work closely with the EU to ensure minimal disruption to the NHS.” Half of Brits want second vote… with choice to stay put Half of Britons yesterday said they would now support a second EU referendum. An online poll of 1,466 Sky customers found 50% wanted another vote with three options – supporting the final deal, leaving without a deal, or staying in the EU. But 45% voted against and No10 insisted there would be no referendum. Eloise Todd has insisted that a second referendum vote is needed. Best for Britain chief executive Eloise Todd said: “The public are tired of being spoken for. They don’t want a deal full of concessions, or a nightmare no deal. It’s crucial to have a people’s vote with the option to stay in the EU.” Tory infighting over Brexit continued yesterday. One Cabinet source said of Theresa May’s Chequers plan: “It is a kamikaze approach to no deal. It’s chaos.” The Tories yesterday denied claims the Army was on standby to hand out food if a doomsday no-deal Brexit happens. Lack of immigration policy risks creating a bad vacuum Theresa May’s failure to outline a post-Brexit immigration policy has created a dangerous vacuum, MPs warn today. The Commons Home Affairs Committee is urging the Government to set out plans for who will be allowed to come to the UK. Chairwoman Yvette Cooper said: “Immigration was one of the central issues during the referendum and it divided the country, but sadly there has been no attempt by the Government to hold any kind of sensible debate on it since. Yvette Cooper has criticised the Government for not addressing immigration which was thought to be behind the Brexit vote “That is disappointing and it has left a vacuum and it’s really important that people don’t exploit that again. “Those who exploited concerns over immigration during the referendum need to be more responsible when it is debated in the run-up to the final deal.”


Brexit LIVE: Theresa Might suffers humiliating BREXIT DEFEAT as MPs launch REMAIN REBELLION

Final evening 4 amendments put ahead by Jacob Rees-Mogg’s European Analysis Group handed, steering Mrs Might’s comfortable Brexit blueprint in a more durable route. However at this time, pro-EU Tories had the prospect to take their revenge with the Brexit Commerce Invoice. Tory MPs Stephen Hammond and Nicky Morgan put ahead a brand new modification to the present invoice which might pressure the UK to hunt customs union membership if negotiators are unable to strike a free commerce take care of Brussels by January 21, 2019. However regardless of indicators that there may very well be sufficient assist, MPs voted towards it by 307 to 301.  Nevertheless the Commons did vote in favour of a change to the invoice which might compel ministers to “take all needed steps” to strike a deal which is able to see the UK stay a part of Europe’s medicines framework.  Final evening Brexiteers narrowly defeated Tory rebels by simply three votes on two key amendments. The primary goes again on Theresa Might’s white paper suggestion to gather tariffs on behalf of the EU. The modification means this can solely occur if the EU agrees to reciprocate – leading to 14 Tories rebelling.  The second modification, which is able to make sure the UK stays out of the EU’s VAT regime, narrowly handed by three votes after 11 Tory MPs voted towards the Authorities. The complete invoice was accredited by the Commons by 318 to 285. On account of final evening’s battle, Defence Minister Guto Bebb resigned after voting towards the Authorities. Voting on the Commerce Invoice has run all through this afternoon, and the customs union vote is predicted to happen this night at round 6pm. Listed below are the entire updates from at this time’s Brexit Dwell weblog: 11:07pm replace: Tories accused of ‘dishonest’ in tonight’s Brexit votes  The Conservative Social gathering have been accused of “dishonest” to cross tonight’s Brexit commerce movement.  Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson could not make it to at this time’s votes having not too long ago had a child, so was positioned with Tory proxy Brandon Lewis, who was alleged to not vote, to cancel out her absence. This proxy system is nicely practiced in Parliament. Nevertheless, Mr Lewis voted on the commerce Invoice which was finally blocked by 307 – 301.  Swinson has accused the Conservatives of “dishonest”. Caitlin Doherty takes over reporting from Harvey Gavin 9.20pm replace: Brexit Commerce Invoice roundup In the present day has been a busy day within the Commons which noticed the Authorities undergo its second Brexit defeat by the hands of MPs, however narrowly keep away from a second main setback to its Commerce Invoice. MPs voted in 305 to 301 in favour of ‘new clause 17’ – championed by Tory MP Phillip Lee – which is able to compel ministers to hunt continued participation within the European medicines regulatory community. Nevertheless the crunch vote on ‘new clause 18’, referring to a continued UK/EU customs union after Brexit, was defeated by 307 to 301. If accredited, it will have pressured negotiators to start exploring a UK/EU customs union association if no free commerce deal between the 2 sides is reached by January subsequent yr. The Commerce Invoice will now be despatched to the Home of Lords, which is more likely to inflict additional defeats on the Authorities. Any adjustments made by friends will then should be thought-about once more by MPs, which may set the stage for additional issues for Mrs Might. PA The Authorities narrowly prevented defeat by 307 to 301 on the customs union modification 8.30pm replace: British drug business praises Commerce Invoice modification Following the sooner EMA vote, which noticed the Authorities defeated by 305 to 301, Mike Thompson, chief govt of the Affiliation of the British Pharmaceutical Business, and Steve Bates, chief govt of the BioIndustry Affiliation, praised the choice. They stated: “In the present day, Parliament has despatched a transparent message that sufferers and public well being needs to be a prime precedence for the Authorities in these negotiations. “Each month, 37 million packs of drugs arrive within the UK from the EU and 45 million transfer the opposite means. “Due to this fact, it’s important that the UK continues to take part within the EMA after Brexit, as set out within the Brexit White Paper and within the Prime Minister’s Mansion Home speech.” 6.40pm replace: Authorities narrowly avoids second defeat on customs union vote Theresa Might has managed to stave off defeat by the hands of Tory rebels supported by MPs from the opposition benches over an modification to the Brexit Commerce Invoice. An modification tabled by pro-EU MPs, which might have compelled ministers to start negotiating a continued customs union membership with Brussels, was defeated by 307 votes to 301.  6.15pm replace: Authorities DEFEATED as MPs vote for continued ties with EU’s drug watchdog MPs have voted by a slender majority to maintain the UK a part of the EU’s drug framework after Brexit. New Clause 17, tabled by former justice minister Phillip Lee, compels the Authorities to “take all needed steps” to strike a commerce deal which might see the UK keep a member of the European Medicines Company (EMA). MPs voted 305 to 301 in favour of the modification. The EMA, presently based mostly in London, will relocate to Amsterdam after Brexit and is charged with assessing the effectiveness of recent medicines earlier than EU sale. It additionally screens the security of merchandise already available on the market. Earlier than the vote, pro-EU MP Ken Clarke had described the Authorities’s place, which was to go away the company, as “utterly incomprehensible”. PARLIAMENT LIVE MPs voted to maintain the UK within the EU’s medicines framework after Brexit 6.10pm replace: What’s the customs union clause and what are its implications? MPs are making ready to vote on ‘New Clause 18’ to the Authorities’s Brexit Commerce Invoice which, if handed, may pressure ministers to barter a customs union take care of Brussels as a substitute of constant to push for a clear break. Put ahead by pro-EU Tories together with Anna Soubry and Ken Clarke, the clause would give Authorities till January 21, 2019, to achieve a free commerce take care of the EU. If no settlement is reached by the January 21 deadline, ministers would then be pressured to start talks for a UK/EU customs union as a substitute. 5.15pm replace: Customs union vote – rebels declare they’ve assist to defeat Authorities MPs are making ready to vote on an modification which might see the UK stay in a customs union with the European Union if negotiators are unable to achieve a deal by January 21, 2019. Labour has pledged to again the movement, and a gaggle of pro-EU Tory MPs have additionally threatened to vote towards the Authorities. If MPs vote towards the Authorities, it may throw Mrs Might’s hard-fought Chequers plan into disarray. The vote is more likely to be extraordinarily tight and is predicted to happen at round 6.30pm this night. 4pm replace: SNP modification defeated by enormous majority SNP MPs within the Commons had tabled an modification to the Brexit Commerce Invoice which might have required the approval of the UK’s devolved administrations earlier than ministers may begin negotiating free commerce offers. MPs voted by 316 to only 37 towards together with the modification – an enormous majority of 279. 3.30pm replace: Caroline Lucas’ Commerce Invoice modification defeated The Commons debate on the Brexit Commerce Invoice is underway, and MPs have already rubber-stamped a collection of Authorities amendments to the laws. However an modification tabled by Inexperienced social gathering co-leader Caroline Lucas, which aimed to extend parliamentary scrutiny on future commerce offers and compel ministers to publish sustainability impacts of recent agreements, was pressured to a vote. MPs rejected the addition clause by 314 to 284 – a majority of 30. The controversy continues. 3pm replace: Tory chief whip means enterprise  Tory chief whip Julian Smith is wanting like he means enterprise. Sky Information studies he has his sleeves rolled up and is working his means round MPs. The controversy, in the meantime, nonetheless has not began. 2:05pm replace: Lower than 15 minutes till the Commerce Invoice debate Mrs Might is moments away from one other battle over commerce within the Commons. The Commerce Invoice is technical and was not initially meant to outline a brand new commerce coverage. One modification will attempt to pressure the federal government to pursue a customs union with the EU if the ministers fail to achieve an settlement which establishes “a frictionless free commerce space for items”. MPs can even vote on whether or not to begin their summer time recess on Thursday as a substitute of subsequent Tuesday, which has prompted critics to invest it’s to maintain a Tory insurrection from reaching its boiling level. GETTY•SKY Theresa Might confronted one other showdown within the Commons at this time 2:10pm replace: Authorities may pull out of early summer time movement Tory former minister Sir Christopher Chope stated there’s a “sturdy hearsay” that the Authorities won’t transfer the movement on permitting the Commons to interrupt for the summer time early given opposition to it from throughout the Home. Elevating some extent of order within the Commons, he urged the Authorities to point now whether or not or not it is going to push the movement. Tory former minister Sir Nicholas Soames described the movement as “idiotic” after earlier elevating some extent of order. 1:49pm replace: Requires a public inquiry into the Brexit Referendum Labour MP for Bristol North West tweeted: “BREAKING: I am writing to colleagues in Parliament at this time, to hunt their assist in calling for a public inquiry into the Brexit referendum. “If illegality can happen in our democracy, we should carry ahead reforms. Please write to your MP to ask for his or her assist!” 1:21pm replace:  Sir Vince Cable breaks his silence The Lib Dem chief tweeted an announcement from Chief Whip Alistair Carmichael to elucidate why he was lacking ultimately evening’s essential vote. It reads: “I used to be not anticipating a detailed vote – up till 8pm, Labour had been planning to abstain which might have meant the vote can be misplaced by a whole lot. Actually a number of Labour MPs voted with the federal government – which is why they received. By the point it grew to become obvious that the vote was going to be shut – it was too late to get two of our MPs, Vince and Tim, again in time to vote. “I’m taking duty and redoubling my efforts to cease Brexit. “In the present day is a brand new day. We might be debating the remaining levels of the Commerce Invoice – and we’re going to maintain the federal government’s ft to the fireplace.  @darrenjones MP Darren Jones’ formal letter 12:53pm replace: One other Tory insurrection is brewing MPs are on account of rise for the summer time recess on July 24 however a movement tabled on Monday evening would see the Commons rise on Thursday, with a vote pencilled in for Tuesday night. Nevertheless, Labour is known to have instructed its MPs to vote towards the transfer and a number of other pro-European Tories have already indicated they are going to oppose any try to chop quick the time period with a lot work to do on Brexit. Nicholas Soames and Nick Boles had been amongst Conservative MPs who additionally indicated on social media that they’d oppose the transfer to complete early. @BethRigby Mrs Might was making an attempt to depend her votes earlier than at this time’s showdown 12:46pm Pressing Query on Electoral Fee on investigation and ‘Vote Go away’ fantastic Labour MP Chuka Umunna referred to as for the Pressing Query and has referred to as for a full parliamentary inquiry. He referred to as into query the validity of the referendum. Cupboard Parliamentary Secretary Chloe Smith MP responded saying that report is an unbiased investigation.  She stated: “The truth that the principles are damaged signifies that the system is in truth working and now we have regulator that is ready to conduct an unbiased investigation is a mark of our democracy.” Requested whether or not Theresa Should still believed that the 2016 referendum was free and honest, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman stated: “The PM is totally clear that this was the biggest democratic train in our nation. “The general public delivered a transparent verdict and that’s what we’re going to be implementing.” Requested whether or not Mrs Might continued to believe in former Vote Go away staffers Stephen Parkinson and Cleo Watson who moved to Downing Road following the referendum, the spokesman stated: “Sure.” @sarahwollaston Tory MP Sarah Wollaston referred to as for an additional referendum 12:25pm replace: Sinn Fein’s rivals hit out at its Wesmisnter abstentionist coverage The 2 greatest events within the Irish Republic, High quality Gael and Fianna Fail, and the SDLP in Northern Eire blame Sinn Fein’s Westminster abstentionist coverage for the result of final evening’s Customs vote. They declare amendments secured by Brexiteers undermine agreements between the UK and EU geared toward avoiding a tough border in Eire post-Brexit. Sinn Fein has seven MPs at Westminster. None of them take their seats as a result of social gathering’s century-old coverage of abstentionism. In Northern Eire, 56% of the citizens voted to Stay. Nevertheless, in Westminster 10 of the 11 MPs from the area who take their seats are Democratic Unionist Brexiteers. @johnmcdonnellMP Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell tweeted his intentions 12:20pm replace: Brexiteers are urging the general public to embrace the potential of a no-deal Brexit Go away supporters have rallied behind new Brexit Secretary Dominc Raab who has made planning a ‘no deal’ situation his sole focus. Former Cupboard minister Priti Patel stated: “We needs to be free to forge new commerce offers world wide and depart the protectionism of the EU. This can be a optimistic factor we needs to be celebrating.” Former Tory chief Iain Duncan Smith added: ”If we don’t have a commerce take care of the EU then we merely commerce on World Commerce Organisation phrases, which is how most nations commerce with one another. “It wouldn’t be bedlam. All this speak about crashing out with no deal – we’re not crashing, we’re transferring to WTO guidelines, which is how all EU-US commerce is ruled for the time being.” The Division for Exiting the European Union’s new focus is now on no deal planning as Mr Raab’s first main step in redefining – and rebooting – his workplace after Mr Davis threw within the towel. 12:14 replace: Remainers demand Labour MP Kate Hoey is AXED for backing Brexit Labour MP Kate Hoey has been confronted by calls for to step down after being one in every of three Labour MPs to vote with the Authorities on an important modification final evening. The Professional-Brexit MP was photographed talking alongside Labour MP Frank Area to the European Analysis Group member and not too long ago resigned Brexit minister Steve Baker within the Commons. Her constituency’s official Twitter account @VauxhallLabour retweeted the photograph with six unhappy face Emojis. The MP for Vauxhall is one in every of three Labour MP’s to vote with their Tory opponents on an modification that solely handed by three votes. Ms Hoey, Frank Area and Graham Stringer voted on an modification that can make sure the UK is out of the EU’s VAT regime. It’s unclear if the Labour MPs will again the Tory rebels in tonight’s vote on an modification to the Commerce Invoice. Tory MPs Stephen Hammond and Nicky Morgan put ahead a brand new modification to the present Commerce Invoice that may pressure the Authorities to remain within the customs union if Brussels can’t be persuaded to permit Britain a free commerce space by January 2019. has contacted Vauxhall Labour and the nationwide Labour Social gathering workplaces for remark. @PolHomeEditor Labour’s voting intentions had been revealed earlier at this time 11:52am replace: European Fee has seen the Brexit white paper A European Fee spokesman stated of the white paper: “We now have seen it. “We at the moment are analysing, we’re discussing it with our member states and the European Parliament.” Requested to touch upon the Commons votes, the spokesman made reference to the EU’s Berlaymont constructing HQ, stating: “On Westminster politics, I’ll actually resist the temptation to enter Westminster politics. “We now have sufficient Berlaymont politics that retains us busy right here.” TWITTER/@faisalislam Kate Hoey confronted criticism this morning 11:49am replace: Pressing query on the Electorla Fee investigation into Vote Go away It’ll happen at 1230om. It was granted to Labour MP Chuka Umunna by the Home Speaker John Bercow. The Brexit marketing campaign group Vote Go away has been fined has been referred to police for breaking electoral regulation, in findings revealed by the Electoral Fee this morning. The Electoral Fee concluded the organisation “returned an incomplete and inaccurate spending report” after launching its investigation. The unbiased physique concluded that Vote Go away’s referendum spending was £7,449,079.34, exceeding its statutory spending restrict of £7 million. In whole the degrees of fines are £61,000 for Vote Go away, £20,000 for Mr Grimes and £250 for Veterans for Britain. REUTERS New Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab left Downing Road forward of a busy day within the Commons 11:26am replace: In the present day’s Home of Commons schedule Home of Commons 1130 Enterprise, vitality and industrial technique questions 1230 An pressing query on the Electoral Fee investigation into Vote Go away 1315 A press release from Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson on Fight Air Technique 1400 A 10-minute rule movement on Anti-Loitering Gadgets (Regulation) 1415 Commerce Invoice – remaining levels – Might’s subsequent showdown Parking (Code of Observe) Invoice – methods and means decision The movement on bringing ahead the summer time recess is predicted to be taken after 1900. If opposed, the division might be deferred till July 18. It is going to be a paper vote. Editor of Politics Residence, Kevin Schofield confirmed Labour will vote AGAINST an early recess. 11:11am replace: Mr Farron’s assertion comes as he and present Lib Dem chief got here beneath hearth for not being at vote  There was no official feedback but from Sir Vince regardless of each of their absences being broadly condemned by Remainers on social media. Mr Farron was giving a chat at Sherborne city corridor in Dorset on how he squares his controversial views as an evangelical Christian with being a liberal politician and Sir Vince was attending a gathering away from parliament. When requested about their failure to vote final evening, Lib Dem Brexit spokesman Tom Brake stated social gathering chiefs had not anticipated such a detailed consequence. A Lib Dem supply stated: “Vince had an necessary assembly off the parliamentary property that had been accredited by the whips and no one thought these amendments would ever be so shut. “The Chequers plan is unworkable in any kind and our intention is to cease Brexit. These amendments don’t make it any extra workable, the entire thing is unworkable.” PA The Authorities handed two amendments by simply three votes 10:42am replace: Additionally on the desk for at this time  MPs can even vote at this time on whether or not to begin their summer time recess on Thursday as a substitute of subsequent Tuesday.  The transfer is more likely to outrage many members of the general public involved in regards to the divisions over Brexit and the ticking clock counting right down to exit day. However an early vacation would stymie Tory MPs plotting towards the more and more politically fragile premier. 10:38am replace: Former Lib Dem chief Tim Farron releases assertion on why he was not at Commons vote Mr Farron stated he did not anticipate the vote to be so shut and that “the Tories do not deserve any luck”. He tweeted: “I used to be authorised to be absent from the vote final evening for a pre-arranged engagement. No one anticipated the vote to be as shut because it was. We clearly referred to as it improper, as did Labour, and I take full duty individually – the Tories don’t deserve any luck.” His full assertion reads: “I used to be authorised to be absent on account of a pre-arranged engagement away from the Parliamentary property. “In the long run no one anticipated the vote to be as shut because it was – I might truly cancalled the engagement earlier on, however then uncancelled as a result of we anticipated Labour to abstain and the Authorities to win by miles. “We clearly referred to as it improper, as did Labour. I take full reponsiblity individually. The Tories do not deserve any luck, I am so sorry I inadverterntly granted them some.” Mr Farron is predicted to be on the vote tonight. Chequers summit in photos: Theresa Might’s huge Brexit assembly Fri, July 6, 2018 The Prime Minister gathered her cupboard collectively forward of a crunch Brexit showdown at her nation retreat at Chequers in Buckinghamshire PA 1 of 14 Members of the cupboard and authorities officers collect at Chequers  9:58am replace: Spin physician requires a second referndum Alastair Campbell stated it “is perhaps time to assume once more”. He tweeted: “BREXIT – Chaos in Commons. Criminality in Go away marketing campaign. Dwelling requirements hit. Treason from our supposed post-Brexit closest ally. Is perhaps time to assume once more @peoplesvote_uk.” 9:16am replace: Remainics had been ready to face down Professional-Europe Tory insurgent Heidi Allen recommended she and the Stay camp had been learn to drop their very own amendments to the Chequers deal earlier than the “excessive last-minute manoevres” by the European Analysis Group. She instructed In the present day: “What was agreed at Chequers wasn’t good to us, wasn’t good to Leavers both, however the PM has labored exceptionally onerous to discover a first rate first pitch to place the EU and to maneuver ahead from that. “We had been all set to drop all our amendments and again it after which instantly we had these somewhat excessive last-minute manoeuvres from the ERG which appeared to us to deviate the Prime Minister from her plan and we weren’t ready to allow them to try this – or at the very least strive.” 8:52am replace: No second referendum  Mr Fox responds to referred to as for a second referendum by saying: “What if now we have a referendum and it goes the opposite means? Do now we have better of three?” He additionally defended the transfer to chop the parliamentary session quick. He stated: “Effectively, in fact, it’s important to draw the excellence between parliament and authorities, as a result of authorities would not cease over the recess.” 8:37am replace: Early morning reassurances Worldwide Commerce Secretary Liam Fox insisted the Chequers Cupboard compromise on Brexit is just not useless. He instructed BBC Radio 4’s In the present day programme: “The wording of the modification yesterday was very near the wording within the Authorities’s White Paper. “It seemed in truth as a little bit of a reduce and paste from the White Paper.” Mr Fox stated he desires a “folks’s Brexit”. He added: “We will not please everyone. “We now have to have a compromise place that allows the nation to get an settlement with the European Union. “Right here in Britain there may be far an excessive amount of damaging, self-doubting pessimism on this course of.”