Prince Philip branded Prince Charles’ behaviour with Camilla ‘SILLY’ in a letter to Diana

Prince Philip branded Prince Charles’s behaviour with Camilla ‘SILLY’ in a letter to Diana

The Duke of Edinburgh actively attempted to save Diana and Charles’ marriage in the early 1990s, private letters revealed. In an unprecedented show of support, Prince Philip wrote to Princess Diana on July 7 1992: “I can only repeat what I’ve said before, if invited, I will always do my utmost to help you and Charles to the best of my ability. “But I am quite ready to concede that I have no talent as a marriage counsellor.” Prince Philip went as far as putting part of the blame for the troubled marriage on his son, speaking candidly of Charles’s affair with Camilla.  But he let the Princess of Wales know that both the Queen and he were aware Diana was also having an affair and were not pleased. He wrote: “We do not approve of either of you having lovers. “Charles was silly to risk everything with Camilla for a man in his position. “We never dreamed he might feel like leaving you for her.”  According to royal experts, Prince Philip’s decision to take sides with Diana while openly shaming the then-married Camilla was groundbreaking. Appearing on Channel 4’s The Royal House of Windsor, royal commentator Sarah Gristwood said: “Never mind how Camilla might feel about that, he was being supportive towards Diana, and no one knew better than Prince Philip just how hard it was for an outsider to come into the Royal Family.”

The Duke of Edinburgh entered the House of Windsor as an outsider, being part of the Greek and Danish Royal Family. And just like Diana, he has been regarded by some commentators as an innovator, who actively worked to modernise the royals. The prince’s support made an impact on Diana, according to her private secretary at the time.  Patrick Jephson said: “Here at last was written proof that this was acknowledged, recognised, and there was sympathy for her.” But despite showing sympathy to Diana, the prince didn’t refrain from putting some of the blame also on her. He wrote: “Can you honestly look into your heart and say that Charles’s relationship with Camilla had nothing to do with your behaviour towards him in your marriage?”. The written correspondence took place in 1992, described by the Queen in a speech marking the 40th anniversary of her accession “annus horribilis”, Latin for a horrible year.  During 1992, a string of scandals swept over the Royals. Ms Gristwood said: “It was a blow after blow after blow.”

Among the events that put the family on the front page of newspapers, the Crown had to deal with the separation of Prince Andrews and Sarah Ferguson, known as Fergie, and the “toe-sucking” scandal that followed. In April, Princess Anne announced her divorce from Captain Mark Phillips, and less than a month later the first tell-all book focusing on Princess Diana took Britain by storm. In the book, Andrew Morton revealed for the first time how unhappy was the marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles.


Charles honoured at GQ Men Of The Year Awards

Charles honoured at GQ Men Of The Year Awards

The Prince of Wales joked that he now had something to “throw at the burglar” as he was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by GQ.

The royal was honoured for his charity work at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards. The choir sang Starman as he took to the stage. Charles, who turns 70 this year, told the audience he initially thought it was a mistake when he heard he was getting the accolade.


Prince Charles was ‘jealous’ of Princess Diana, claims Royal cousin

Charles was ‘jealous’ of Diana, claims royal cousin

PRINCE Charles may be the future king of England, but it’s no secret it was his late ex-wife, Princess Diana, who captivated crowds. Soon after their July 1981 wedding, Charles realised the shy 20-year-old’s popularity was increasingly growing – whether he liked it or not.

Diana quickly became one of the most photographed people in the world and her husband couldn’t help but feel overshadowed. Lady Elizabeth Anson, Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin, told People magazine of a moment that forever changed the doomed marriage. “(Diana) sort of metamorphosed into a very, very elegant blonde beauty,” she recalled. “They did a visit to Wales which was the beginning of, for Prince Charles, realising, ‘They’ve come out to see my wife, they haven’t come out to see me’.” But one author claimed the now-69-year-old’s jealousy didn’t end with Diana’s fame.

Tom Bower, who penned an unauthorised biography of the Prince of Wales, titled Rebel Prince, claimed more recently Charles felt “usurped” by the Middletons. He even felt “isolated” from grandchildren Prince George and Princess Charlotte when his eldest son, Prince William, and wife Kate Middleton chose to spend Christmas with her parents rather than with the other royals. Bower also alleged Charles wasn’t at ease when the couple chose to set up their home base in Norfolk, which is miles away from his Highgrove residence, to “preserve their privacy”. “Charles saw Kate and William as the new stars and feared he’d be in trouble,” Robert Higdon, the chief executive of Charles’ charity foundation in America, told Bower. Back in 2017, Princess Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton told Fox News the late Princess of Wales was “enduring a lonely miserable life inside the palace” despite being adored by the public.   The cracks began to appear very early in their ill-fated marriage.


Morton added Diana quietly endured the collapsing marriage and constant attempts to fit in with the royal family because she was struggling with an eating disorder, as well as the pressures that came with a high-profile role, where every public engagement was scrutinised by the press. Somehow, he claimed, she continued to hope things would get better with time. “(Diana) was hoping she would come to terms with this new life and move on,” he said. “But she realised she was living this lie … seemingly the wife of Prince Charles. And yet you got Prince Charles, who was effectively with another man’s wife at Highgrove, their country estate, while she languished alone at Kensington Palace.” However, Diana found a sense of happiness in her marriage with the birth of her two sons. The former couple welcomed Prince William in 1982, followed by Prince Harry in 1984. Morton claimed that while Diana was pregnant with Harry, she and Charles experienced an intimate connection, one that involved him reportedly writing love notes to his wife. But after Harry was born, the relationship soured until they finally divorced in 1996. Diana passed away in 1997 at age 36 from a car crash in Paris.


Celebrity Big Brother fans bemused as Kirstie Alley refuses to explain what Scientology is

Celebrity Big Brother fans bemused as Kirstie Alley refuses to explain what Scientology is

KIRSTIE Alley bemused Celebrity Big Brother fans tonight as she refused to explain what Scientology is to Rodrigo Alves. The Hollywood actress told the Human Ken Doll to “read a book” when quizzed on her religion. Kirstie Alley was not happy about talking to Rodrigo Alves about ScientologyRodrigo was firmly stopped in his tracks when he keenly asked to learn more about the subject. Sitting in the garden, the cosmetic surgery addict said: “I heard that you are a Scientologist. “Can you tell me what is it exactly. We see so much about it on the press. “There’s so much controversy about it, I just don’t understand. He told the Hollywood actress he wanted to ‘learn’ but was left disappointed by her answer”I don’t know anyone who’s a Scientologist. “What does it consist of?” Kirstie bluntly responded: “The best way for someone to find out what it is is to read a book on it.

“There’re many Scientology books on it.”

Keen to probe Kirstie about her beliefs, Rodrigo continued to ask: “Is there a God in Scientology?” But Kirstie was having none of it. She laughed as she told him: “Not unless you want there to be. That’s why you should read a book on it.” A disappointed Rodrigo replied: “I just want to learn.”

One fan said: “#CBBKirstie refusing to explain #Scientology says everything you need to know about it #Cuckoo #Cowboys #CBBUK.”

Another said: “Why wouldn’t Kirsty talk about Scientology? If she believes in it why not share the info??? Hmmmm strange #CBBUK.”

Someone else added: “So #cbbKirstie doesn’t want to talk about Politics or Scientology? Just wants to keep to her favourite subject … herself!” Got a story? email or call us direct on 02077824220. We pay for videos too. Click here to upload yours.


Why Princess Diana’s engagement ring caused upset with the Royals

Why Princess Diana’s engagement ring caused upset with the Royals

Princess Diana’s engagement ring, which featured a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire, was not popular among the Royals after Prince Charles asked for her hand in marriage, despite now becoming one of the most famous pieces of jewellery in history. As reported in Vogue, despite the ring boasting a white gold band and 14 solitaire diamonds, the crown jeweller Garrard featured the piece in its catalogue, which meant that anyone could have bought the £47,000 ring and in turn, was a problem with the Royal Family. Garrard was inspired by the sapphire and diamond cluster brooch that was made for Prince Albert in 1840, which he went on to gift Queen Victoria as a wedding present and she wore it as her ‘something blue’. Prince Charles and Diana Spencer at Buckingham Palace after announcing their engagement.

Since then, The Queen has worn the very same brooch at a number of public events. It was also reported that Diana picked out the jewel herself, while others claim that she chose it because it was the biggest and reminded her of her mother’s engagement ring. Princess Diana loved her engagement ring so much that she continued to wear it after her divorce from Prince Charles in 1996 and it was made into a bracelet. She then started wearing an emerald-cut aquamarine ring in its place, the same one that Meghan Markle wore with her second wedding dress.

Princess Diana loved her engagement ring and continued to wear it after her divorce. Princess Diana’s jewellery collection Grant Mobley, a gemologist and Director at Pluczenik and one of the world’s leading diamantaires, said: ‘A beautiful ring that Princess Diana was seen wearing on her ring finger after her divorce from Prince Charles was an emerald cut, aquamarine and diamond ring. He continued: ‘The Princess was very fond of a pearl and diamond bracelet featuring a large emerald cut aquamarine that she was given in her early years as a princess and, after her divorce, she commissioned this matching ring to be made. ‘Diana’s taste in jewellery was impeccable and the fact that she commissioned this ring to be made is a clear testament to her taste.  Meghan Markle seen here wearing Princess Diana’s aquamarine ring to her wedding reception ‘She always chose diamond jewellery that was meaningful to her – she was very intentional with her jewellery choices and made sure they were the best representation of those meaningful moments,’ he said. The aquamarine ring is thought to be around £75,000 because of the size, colour and quality of the centre diamond and a diamond from one of her rings was also used to make Meghan Markle’s engagement ring. Meghan Markle’s engagement ring Despite including a stone from Botswana and two diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal collection, Meghan Markle’s engagement ring was compared to one available from Argos for just £33. The ring was made by Cleave and Company, Court Jewellers and Medallists for Her Majesty. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during an official photocall to announce their engagement Sarah Filippardos, head jewellery buyer at Argos, told: ‘Prince Harry’s choice of a diamond trilogy ring for Meghan is beautiful. For anyone inspired by Harry’s act of romance who isn’t able to pop to Botswana for a diamond, Argos has a fantastic range of similar trilogy engagement rings with prices starting from as little as £32.99.’

However, estimated that it cost £199,475 and the stone is likely to be a D in colour (the clearest). Meghan also paid tribute to her late mother-in-law on her wedding day and wore Diana’s engagement ring to her wedding reception. Meghan Markle’s ring includes a stone from Botswana and two from Princess Diana’s collection Kate Middleton’s engagement ring When Diana passed away in 1997, Prince William and Prince Harry inherited her jewellery collection, which included her engagement ring, according to Good Housekeeping.  The late Princess wrote: ‘I would like you to allocate all my jewellery to the share to be held by my sons, so that their wives may, in due course, have it or use it. I leave the exact division of the jewellery to your discretion.’ Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother, Princess Diana’s engagement ring

There are rumours that while Harry originally picked out the iconic sapphire gem, after he saw William’s love for Kate Middleton, the Prince exchanged the engagement ring for his mother’s Cartier watch, so that the Duke of Cambridge could propose to this Duchess. Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is shown as she holds the arm of her fiance Prince William Prince William reportedly had the ring with him for three weeks while they were on holiday in Mount Kenya in 2010 and when he announced the engagement, he said: ‘It’s my mother’s engagement ring, and it’s very special to me, as Kate is very special to me now as well. ‘It was only right the two were put together. It was my way of making sure mother didn’t miss out on today and the excitement,’ the Duke said, as reported in Marie Claire.

After making a few alterations, Kate’s ring became one of the world’s most famous rings, now worth over $500,000 (£393,000). Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank on The One Show, after they announced engagement The Royal engagement ring effect Princess Diana may have started a trend as now that replica engagement rings have been made available on the high street, shoppers have flocked to buy pieces similar to that of Meghan Markle’s or Princess Eugenie’s pink sapphire ring. Princess Eugenie wears a ring containing a padparadscha sapphire surrounded by diamonds, that specialises in royal replicas, revealed that Meghan’s yellow gold ring is now the top seller while sales of other Hollywood styles have decreased by 50 per cent. Kate and Pippa Middleton’s rings were also popular on the website.