Ryan Thomas mystifies the nation by shaving his toes in preparation for the Celebrity Big Brother final

The Celebrity Big Brother house has been anything but a quiet place for most of its final series. But during a quieter moment in the house this year’s fan-favourite contestant, Ryan Thomas managed to find a moment to indulge in some ‘me time’ on last night’s episode. Sitting down in the bathroom he indulged in a little bit of grooming and shaved his toes. Yes, he shaved his toes – and no one really knew what to think. Ryan Thomas CBB has been shaving his toes, and the nation is divided (Picture: Channel 5)Ryan, having managed to win the nation’s heart with his genuine manner while dealing with ‘punch gate’, was seen enjoying a moment away from the rest of his housemates. And rather than focus on the rest of the celebs having a rather serious conversation, the cameras chose to show Ryan showing his toes some love.

Obviously, people at home couldn’t help but clock the toe shaving, and it prompted a number of reactions.

Others weren’t too amused by the sight of the former Corrie star paying particular attention to his feet. In fact, there were some very strong feelings against the whole scene…

Needless to say the nation was er… divided over Ryan’s toes. However, he still remains one of the favourites to win the show alongside Kirstie Alley and Dan Oscborne.


Celebrity Big Brother fans bemused as Kirstie Alley refuses to explain what Scientology is

Celebrity Big Brother fans bemused as Kirstie Alley refuses to explain what Scientology is

KIRSTIE Alley bemused Celebrity Big Brother fans tonight as she refused to explain what Scientology is to Rodrigo Alves. The Hollywood actress told the Human Ken Doll to “read a book” when quizzed on her religion. Kirstie Alley was not happy about talking to Rodrigo Alves about ScientologyRodrigo was firmly stopped in his tracks when he keenly asked to learn more about the subject. Sitting in the garden, the cosmetic surgery addict said: “I heard that you are a Scientologist. “Can you tell me what is it exactly. We see so much about it on the press. “There’s so much controversy about it, I just don’t understand. He told the Hollywood actress he wanted to ‘learn’ but was left disappointed by her answer”I don’t know anyone who’s a Scientologist. “What does it consist of?” Kirstie bluntly responded: “The best way for someone to find out what it is is to read a book on it.

“There’re many Scientology books on it.”

Keen to probe Kirstie about her beliefs, Rodrigo continued to ask: “Is there a God in Scientology?” But Kirstie was having none of it. She laughed as she told him: “Not unless you want there to be. That’s why you should read a book on it.” A disappointed Rodrigo replied: “I just want to learn.”

One fan said: “#CBBKirstie refusing to explain #Scientology says everything you need to know about it #Cuckoo #Cowboys #CBBUK.”

Another said: “Why wouldn’t Kirsty talk about Scientology? If she believes in it why not share the info??? Hmmmm strange #CBBUK.”

Someone else added: “So #cbbKirstie doesn’t want to talk about Politics or Scientology? Just wants to keep to her favourite subject … herself!” Got a story? email digishowbiz@the-sun.co.uk or call us direct on 02077824220. We pay for videos too. Click here to upload yours.