Dame Barbara Windsor recovering from heart surgery after medication complications

Barbara Windsor recovering from heart surgery after medication complications

Dame Barbara Windsor had to undergo a heart operation after side-effects of her Alzheimer’s medication left her dizzy and short of breath.

The EastEnders legend, 81, spent eight days in the hospital after collapsing at home, but husband Scott Mitchell, who has been married to Babs for 18 years, said she’s now on the road to recovery. “Barbara was suffering from a low heart rate which doctors thought was being caused by some of her medication,” he said. “She was getting very dizzy and short of breath and fainted one day at home, so she had an eight-day hospital spell about four weeks ago and they’ve put in a pacemaker for her.” The EastEnders icon with Ross Kemp and Steve McFadden.

He added: “She’s looking forward to getting out on the town again soon.” While her heart specialist Dr Rodney Foale added to The Sun: “Barbara is doing very well.” Aware of the operation, Christopher Biggins said he’ll be seeing his close friend next week, sharing: “We’re going to go out. She likes to go out because she spends a lot of time indoors.”

Scott first revealed his wife, who played Peggy Mitchell in EastEnders, was suffering from Alzheimer’s in May, though she was diagnosed with the disease in 2014. She kept it secret from all but her closest friends, but as her memory worsened and rumours began to circulate, devoted Scott decided to speak out. David visited Babs for a spot of afternoon tea

He said at the time: “Since her 80th birthday last August a definite continual confusion has set in, so it’s becoming a lot more difficult to hide.” He revealed vulnerable Babs “feels a kind of shame” about her condition and keeps asking him: “Do the public know that I’m not well?” But he added: “I’m doing this because I want us to be able to go out and, if something isn’t quite right, it will be OK because they will now know she has got Alzheimer’s and will accept it for what it is.”

Barbara’s memory problems had been spotted by fans and insiders. At an awards lunch in December she presented fellow actress June Whitfield with a Lifetime Achievement gong and appeared to be confused about when they starred together on EastEnders. At the same event reporters asked her how she celebrated her 80th birthday four months earlier. She replied: “I can’t remember” before asking Scott who went to her party. When quizzed about a possible role in Corrie, she admitted: “I don’t think I could learn those lines.”

Alfie Moon makes shock EastEnders return for explosive reunion with Kat and a baby bombshell

Alfie Moon makes shock EastEnders return for explosive reunion with Kat and a baby bombshell

The exciting news that EastEnders fans have been dreaming of has been confirmed – Alfie Moon is heading back to Walford.

The lovable rogue will return to Albert Square for an explosive reunion with his estranged wife Kat Slater. The couple have not been speaking after an incident in Spain, but that’s all about to change when Alfie returns to his spiritual home. Actor Shane Richie has been back filming on set with Jessie Wallace and is due to appear back on screen later this autumn. His character is going to be in for a shock when Hayley Slater reveals her baby bombshell.

Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace have been back on set filming. The last time we saw Alfie he secretly arranged to meet Hayley in a hotel room. He was stunned when Hayley revealed she was pregnant after he cheated on Kat. Realising Alfie wanted to win Kat back, Hayley told him that she planned to terminate the baby.

Alfie slept with Hayley in Spain. He doesn’t know she kept the baby. So it will come as a massive surprise when he finds out she is ready to burst and all the Slater clan know about the pregnancy. Alfie is unaware that his lies are about to catch up with him when he gets in touch with Kat out of the blue. He enlists her help with a favour but is secretly planning to surprise his wife by appearing in London. Alfie is planning to win back Kat

How will Alfie react? Alfie is prepared to do anything to get Kat back by his side. How will he react when he finds out the truth about Hayley’s baby? *EastEnders airs tonight on BBC One at 7.30pm


Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Jacqueline Jossa hints at reconciliation with star Dan Osborne

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Jacqueline Jossa hints at reconciliation with star Dan Osborne

Jacqueline Jossa broke her silence on estranged husband Dan Osborne’s decision to join this year’s Celebrity Big Brother as she discussed her marriage. The former EastEnders actress appeared to suggest she would be open to rekindling her romance with Dan, 27. Speaking about her current situation with the former The Only Way Is Essex star, Jacqueline revealed they were not back together. “We’re not officially back together but he’s living with us so we spend every day together, and we’re getting on really well,” she said. “It’s hard for me to discuss my relationship when we haven’t had a chance to talk about it properly. I don’t know what the future holds.”

Jacqueline Jossa

In an interview, Jacqueline insisted she would stand by Dan “no matter what” happens in the future. She added: “Dan is my family and no matter what goes on in our marriage that won’t change.” However, Jacqueline seemed less than impressed with Dan’s decision to take part in Celebrity Big Brother. The 25-year-old soap star admitted she would not be at the finale show to support Dan but hopes he wins. “I won’t be there at the final, I think that would be a bit weird. We need to talk when he’s back and see where we both stand,” she explained. “It’s a shame he went on the show while we were still figuring things out. The timing wasn’t great for us.” She continued: “But I told him that if he felt like it was something he needed to do then I’d support him wholeheartedly.” Dan has been very open about her marital issues since appearing on the Channel 5 show, however his openness has rubbed Jacqueline the wrong way. “It’s been hard seeing Daniel discuss our marriage with a group of people I’ve never met,” she stated.

Gaby Allen

Dan is currently sharing a house with Love Island 2017 star Gabby Allen, 25, who he was romantically linked to earlier this year. However, Dan hit out at fan in May, who asked him about Gabby, saying: “‘Cosy’ with another woman. I am speaking and laughing with a friend. “But of course, a man and a woman can’t be friends in this day and age can they? Also, you don’t know me, don’t know how I ‘act’.” A day later Jacqueline wrote on Twitter: “No one needs to comment and get involved in things they don’t know anything about. “Daniel and I are dealing with things privately as a team, there is always two sides to every story.” She concluded: “Stop with the nasty comments, no one deserves them. Trust me, privacy please.”


EastEnders spoilers: Keanu’s violent outburst shocks the Taylors

Keanu Taylor is one of Walford’s good guys but the pressure of numerous problems eventually gets to him next week.  The Taylors quiz Keanu about his bruised eye but Keanu is reluctant to tell them about the run-in with the gang.

It’s understandable – after all, Keegan is still grieving over Shakil’s death. Fed up with a barrage of questions, Keanu shocks everyone by punching a hole in the door. He then storms off. Keanu’s day gets worse after worried Keegan checks on him and lets slip a crucial detail about Keanu’s dad. Is it time Karen told him the truth? The gang who attacked Keanu and Dennis have also returned and Keanu is left furious and wound up by the day’s events. In the end it’s an unexpected person that pushes him to breaking point. When Hayley Slater picks up on Keanu’s bad mood and teases him, he snaps and does something that leaves Keanu disgusted with himself. But is Hayley okay?

What Keanu doesn’t know is that the cheeky Slater is pregnant. Hayley has already had to visit hospital once due to falling off Kat’s scooter.

What will Keanu do to her?