Casualty spoilers: Sam Nicholls actress divulges ‘shock’ at character’s exit

Casualty spoilers: Sam Nicholls actress divulges ‘shock’ at character’s exit

Sam (played by Charlotte Salt) met her maker tonight in a harrowing twist on the BBC drama following a traumatic explosion. The paramedic didn’t realise she’d been hit by some shrapnel and toward the end of the show exposed her horrific wounds.

Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson) tried to help his colleague when he found her in an ambulance but he was sadly too late. But Sam star Charlotte has divulged her “shock” at her character’s grisly end. When asked how she felt about the door not being left open for a return, the actress told Digital Spy: “Yeah, it was a bit of a shock. “It was the producer’s idea as she was pretty intent that if you are going to go, then you’ve got to go properly – you don’t want a situation where you just keep coming back. “I was never going to going to come back again as I’ve already done that once, so we wanted her to go out on a bang.” Viewers will remember when Sam first joined Holby City Hospital, she worked as a speciality registrar in emergency medicine. However, after Charlotte first left the programme and returned in 2017, Sam came back to work as a paramedic. Charlotte also spoke on the difference between her two departures. Questioned if this exit felt different to her last, she said: “Yes definitely, it’s quite sad. There is a real finality to it rather than ‘Oh well, I can always come back one day.’ “For me, personally and professionally, this way as I can leave on a real high and move forward.” Naturally, fans were distraught at seeing the beloved character go and took to Twitter to express their grief.

One viewer exclaimed: “@BBCCasualty omg, not Sam!!! #Casualty #Casualty3006 great episode though!!!”

“#Casualty can’t believe it not Sam,” another disappointed fan declared.

“Listen #Casualty writers. It’s a Saturday. I’m a bottle of wine and a half deep and you have the cheek to kill off Sam and force me to watch Ian trying to save her? You monsters,” a third vented.

A fourth added: “I really did not want Sam to die! There will be ructions now Blake works out she was seeing Jacob. What a brilliant episode #casualty.”

However, there are also concerns that Iain could be set to follow in Sam’s footsteps and exit as he struggles in the aftermath of the accident. In a teaser posted to Casualty’s official Twitter account, Iain can be seen apologising to Sam’s lifeless body lying in a morgue. He tells her: “I’m so sorry Sam. This is all my fault.” Could poor Iain quit his job as he battles his demons in the wake of Sam’s untimely death? Casualty continues Saturday on BBC One.