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Sam Smith Faces Backlash After Admitting He Doesn’t Like Michael Jackson

Sam Smith Faces Backlash After Admitting He Doesn’t Like Michael Jackson

Sam Smith is facing backlash after admitting that he isn’t the biggest fan of Michael Jackson. The 26-year-old was captured on video saying: “I don’t like Michael Jackson but this is a good song” while listening to one of the icon’s tracks during a recent boat trip with Adam Lambert.

It took approximately zero seconds for Twitter to kick off over this admission, with some fans arguing that he should issue a public apology for slighting the music legend, while others pointed out that he’s fully entitled to his opinion. “Here is the thing if you say ‘I don’t like Michael Jackson’s music’ I can tolerate it, but if you say ‘You don’t like MJ’ its personal! Did you ever even meet him?” one person stated.

Another said: “Yes Sam Smith can have his opinion, of course. But you can’t just say ‘I don’t like Michael Jackson’, you have to say ‘I’m very sorry but Michael Jackson’s songs aren’t my fave.’ That’s it.” While a bunch of people were outraged that Sam isn’t the world’s biggest ‘Billie Jean’ fan, one person out there defended his right to be wrong: “Sam Smith saying he doesn’t like Michael Jackson doesn’t mean s**t! god I can list so many good artists that I don’t like their music and it’s MY opinion.  Y

They added: “He shouldn’t pretend to like everyone’s music because he’s famous.. he wasn’t even hating!”  Where do you stand on this?

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