Robert Winston calls Jeremy Corbyn ‘incompetent’ and says Labour is now damaged

Labour peer Sir Robert Winston has hit out at Jeremy Corbyn saying he is ‘incompetent’ and has a limited understanding of politics. The fertility expert said his beloved party was at risk of becoming unelectable because of the way the leader has handled the anti-Semitism crisis. Lord Winston said the problems were more deeply ingrained than the recent row and were evidence of the woeful state of British politics. Robert Winston has warned about the future of the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn

‘I’m Jewish but this is not just about anti-Semitism’, he said. ‘It’s about competency to lead. It’s been handled very badly and not just by Jeremy Corbyn but the people who advise him and the people who support his narrow view of the world.’ Corbyn’s latest woes began when he became embroiled in an unprecedented spat with the main institutions of the Jewish community over his alleged failure to tackle anti-Semitism within the party. Labour has been dealing with the row for over two years but the focus recently moved onto a new code of conduct the party has adopted on anti-Semitism. Critics are concerned that it doesn’t go as far as the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s guidelines. Corbyn was already under fire by his deputy Tom Watson who warned the party could disappear into ‘a vortex of eternal shame’ if the issue of anti-Semitism was not tackled.

However earlier this week the beleaguered leader was attacked by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after pictures emerged of his attending a ceremony in 2014 where a wreath was laid in memory of Palestinians suspected of being behind the Munich Olympics massacre. Corbyn has refused to apologise saying he was in the Middle East to promote peace but Jewish MPs and community leaders have condemned his association with the event. He has been seen rolling his eyes to repeated questions about the wreath-laying and is facing further criticism after a picture emerged of him today apparently making a salute linked to an Islamist organisation found to have possible connections to extremism. Lord Winston, who has been a Labour representative in the Lords since 1995, said: ‘I find it unbelievably stupid of him to have now got himself into a position that he has irrevocably damaged the Labour Party.


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