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Piers Morgan QUITS Good Morning Britain in contract bombshell?

Piers Morgan QUITS Good Morning Britain in contract bombshell?

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan, 53, has hinted he won’t be on the show for much longer.

Piers has been hosting the show with Susanna Reid, 47, since 2015, after being offered a permanent role following a number of guest appearances. But it seems Piers may be ready to move onto pastures new after three years on the breakfast news show. Talking to Digital Spy about how long he will appear on the ITV show, Piers said: “Until the end of next year because I am contractually obliged to do it until then.”

Piers’ comment follows the news he recently signed a two year deal, meaning he will remain on the show until 2019. Susanna added to Piers’ statement, teasing: “Then he’s open to negotiations.” Neil Thompson also added about Piers’ possible departure: “Theoretically, we really hope he doesn’t leave, you build the show around people you’ve got.

ITV STEPPING DOWN?: Could Piers be saying goodbye to GMB? ITV EARLY MORNINGS: Piers revealed he nearly left because of his early starts. “It will always be an amazing show and we hope for as long as possible it’s an amazing show with Piers and Susanna.” Meanwhile, Piers rubbed some viewers today up the wrong way after grilling MP Tom Watson on Brexit, leading the politician to beg Piers to let him finish an answer. One posted: “Tried but physically cannot watch Piers Morgan. Obnoxious…never a TV presenter.” Another added: “So glad that guy told Piers Morgan to shut up and let him finish his sentence. Why ask if you don’t want to listen?”

The presenter admitted he almost quit earlier this year because he was struggling with the early mornings every day. But eventually Piers managed to negotiate a later start to the day, but will it be enough to keep him on the show?

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