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Piers Morgan drops a ‘SEX’ bombshell

Piers Morgan stunned the entire Good Morning Britain studio today with a bizarre ‘SEX’ bombshell. The Good Morning Britain presenter seemed surprised with himself after making the shocking revelation.

Rylan Clark-Neal joked that Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby actually “hate each other”. When asked if they really get on, he said: “Oh no they hate each other. It’s awful up there. They don’t talk to each other. It’s terrible.”

Referring to her relationship with Piers, Susanna Reid asked: “So it’s actually like this but in real life?  Rylan replied: “Yeah but at half 10.”

Seizing his moment, Piers said: “It’s like this – only without the sex.” Even Piers seemed shocked with what he’d said as he covered his mouth with his hand. There was a stunned silence in the studio followed by a few muffled giggles.

Susanna did not look impressed with her co-host, who burst out laughing. Breaking the tension in the air, Rylan said: “Good Morning Britain. Thanks for having me.”

Charlotte Hawkins collapsed to the desk with her head in her hands. Susanna said: “You are a HR claim waiting to happen Piers Morgan.” Piers ignored his co-host and went straight to the competition.

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