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Meghan’s furious ex-husband has ‘slammed’ the duchess, and could still speak out

Meghan Markle seems to be fitting into royal life very smoothly, but she’s had to deal with some troubles along the way thanks to her family. Her half-sister Samantha Grant, who recently changed her surname to Markle, and her father Thomas have both given interviews about the Duchess of Sussex since she married Prince Harry. Samantha has made several nasty remarks, including calling her Witchity Poo and comparing her to Cruella de Vil, while her dad has claimed Meghan is ‘terrified’ and wearing a ‘painted smile’. But one person who has stayed quiet through everything is Meghan’s ex-husband Trevor Engelson, but her sister believes that could all be about to change.

Meghan’s sister Samantha Markle has spoken about out several times. Meghan married movie producer Trevor, best known for his movie Remember Me starring Robert Pattinson, back in 2011. But their marriage ended in August 2013 via a no-fault divorce, on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences”. Speaking to the Sun, Samantha claims Trevor is extremely unhappy with his ex-wife and believes he could still speak out. She said: “He said he was devastated, that he felt like a piece of gum at the bottom of his shoe. He slammed Meg.” The couple weren’t married long

She believes he avoided speaking out before the wedding because he was worried it would cause backlash in Hollywood. There were reports he was planning a comedy show based on Meghan’s life, but it is believed she’s since convinced him to abandon plans. Samantha told the Sun she didn’t believe Trevor would stand down on the idea.

She said: “It’s not directly about her and she doesn’t have a copyright on all things royal.” Meghan and Trevor started dating in 2004, and got engaged in 2010. They tied the knot on September 10, 2011 in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, in front of more than 100 family and friends.

What do you think happened that not a single family member, friend or ex-husband have a nice thing to say about Meghan?

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