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Lorraine Kelly sparks concern among female viewers as she confessed she never takes off her bra

Lorraine Kelly admits she never takes her bra off and even wears one in bed – prompting viewers to brand the habit ‘odd’ and ‘unhealthy’.

Presenter Lorraine Kelly, 59 from Glasgow, never takes off her bra and will sleep in it. Her confession sparked concern for her health among ITV viewers. The Lorraine host shared her secret with Loose Women panelist Coleen Nolan.

While many women love to ditch their bras in the comfort of their own home, Lorraine Kelly has admitted she’s so attached to her underwear that she never takes hers off – even to sleep.

The presenter said: ‘I even sleep in it. I don’t feel right when I take my bra off. I feel weird.  ‘I take my make-up off and scrape my hair up but my bra remains on.’

Sure enough, viewers took to social media to express their shock with one writing: ‘You are very odd. All women take their bra off’. Another tweeted: ‘Lorraine Kelly sleeps with her on?! God the thought of that makes me feel discomfort. I could never. I mean, honey forget the bed, as soon as I walk through the front door the bra is slid out through the sides in two seconds.’

However, Lorraine did have some supporters, who also feel much better keeping their bra on.  A separate person tweeted: ‘Bra on at all times hate the feeling of it being off.’ A second added: ‘I do. I only take mine off when I’m in the bath’, while another wrote: ‘I’m with you Lorraine …..sleep in mine too!!’

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