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Katy Perry has bought ‘blood on her hands’ says nun amid convent property claims

Katy Perry’s battle with a Roman Catholic nun over a property purchase has intensified after one nun collapsed and died during a court appearance in March of 2018, and another said the singer has “blood on her hands”.

The singer has been in a legal battle over the sale of a Los Angeles convent for a number of years, and now Sister Rita Callanan, the only surviving nun who lived at the Order of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, spoke out against Perry over the death of Sister Catherine Rose Holzman. ‘I really don’t like Katy Perry. I’m sure she doesn’t like me,’ the 81-year-old told The New York Post. She added that the singer has ‘blood on her hands.’

According to Sister Callanan, Holtzman’s last words were: ‘Katy Perry. Please stop.’ The sisters of the Archdiocese have been trying to sell a convent in the Los Feliz neighbourhood of LA to a restauranteur named Dana Hollister. However, drama began when the Firework hitmaker expressed interest in the property in 2015, and eventually bought it for $14.5million (£11.38million), according to the Mail Online.

The nuns had attempted to sell the property to the businesswoman, but the archdiocese told them they had no right to do so, given that they had already approved a sale to Perry. In 2016 a judge declared the nuns’ sale invalid, and Perry was awarded millions of dollars in damages. Problems commenced in December 2017 when a court ordered Hollister to pay compensation to both the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and Katy for interfering in a sale between the two parties.

The nuns lived on the eight-acre property for many years after it was purchased in 1972. The case has been put on hold following the nun’s death, although they had previously appealed to Pope Francis directly to give them their convent back. ‘We have an agreement with Rome. It’s in writing and it says if there are any disputes, they are to be settled in Rome,’ Sister Rita said previously. The nuns hadn’t wanted to sell the property to Katy Perry reportedly because they did not approve of the singer’s image.

Callanan’s legal team told The Post that Perry no longer wants the property.

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