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How Camilla Parker Bowles ruined Princess Diana’s honeymoon with Prince Charles

How Camilla Parker Bowles ruined Princess Diana’s honeymoon with Prince Charles

As Princess Diana famously said, there were three people in her marriage – her, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.

And it didn’t take long for the cracks to show in the royal couple’s relationship, with problems already emerging on their honeymoon.

Charles and Diana spent two weeks cruising the Mediterranean in the Royal Yacht Britannia – but it wasn’t as magical as it sounds.

In a series of interviews shown in the National Geographic documentary Diana: In Her Own Words, Diana revealed that while they were at sea, she noticed Charles wearing a pair of cufflinks with two letter Cs entwined on them.

She realised they were a gift from Camilla and confronted him about them, but he denied there was anything going on between them.

“On our honeymoon, cufflinks arrive on his wrists. Two C’s entwined like the Chanel ‘C’. Got it. One knew exactly,” she said.

“So I said ‘Camilla gave you those didn’t she?’ He said ‘Yes, so what’s wrong? They’re a present from a friend.'”

“And boy, did we have a row. Jealousy, total jealousy. And it was such a good idea the two ‘C’s but it wasn’t that clever.”

Then when Charles opened his diary, two pictures of Camilla fell out.

The stress and jealousy got to Diana and her bulimia got worse.

She went on: “By then the bulimia was appalling, absolutely appalling. It was rife. It was four times a day on the yacht.

“Anything I could find I would gobble up and be sick two minutes later. We survived that alright. And we went off to Balmoral straight from the yacht.

“Everyone was there to welcome us and the realisation set in.”

Even though she was in the middle of the sea, the princess couldn’t escape Camilla.

“My dreams were appalling at night, I dreamt of Camilla the whole time,” she revealed.

“Everybody saw me getting thinner and thinner and thinner, and I was getting sicker and sicker and sicker.

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