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Emmerdale spoilers: Rebecca White is alive but there’s a VERY big twist

Emmerdale spoilers: Rebecca White is alive but there’s a VERY big twist

Viewers have been desperate to find out if Rebecca’s (played by Emily Head) alive for weeks on Emmerdale, as at first it appeared serial killer Lachlan (Thomas Atkinson) had removed her from the equation following a tense chase through the village woods. Lachlan kept Rebecca holed up in the shack at first, with barely any food or water, so many presumed if she was alive it would be hidden in a ditch by some strange twist of fate on the ITV soap. Instead, bosses unveiled a completely unexpected bombshell when it turned out Rebecca was being held in a secret house.

Clean and appearing well, Rebecca has been looked after by a mystery nurse, though her anguish has only multiplied after repeatedly begging the woman to believe she isn’t “crazy”. But is there an important clue in the scene which could lead to the identity of the mystery nurse? For one thing, the woman seemed to be completely on twisted psychopath Lachlan’s side, so she could be from Lachlan’s past, though likely not a friend of the whole White family as she and Rebecca didn’t seem to have a history. She could also be a carer in the hospital where Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) has been admitted to over the last several weeks, which would mean viewers have seen her before and simply not realised the key to Rebecca’s location was right there all along. Desperate to get the nurse to listen, Rebecca cried: “Please help me, please someone let me out! “No, I don’t need any more drugs,” she then complained, but the nurse didn’t bat an eyelid. “I’m not mad,” Rebecca tried again, as the nurse soothed: “You’ve had a head injury, you get confused sometimes.” With the nurse clearly under the impression Rebecca wasn’t of sound mind, the mother-of-one tried again anyway. “Look I told you, my nephew tried to kill me, he killed our whole family,” Rebecca said. “It was a tragic accident,” the nurse insisted. “Nobody’s fault. He loves you. He’s paying me a lot of money to help you rest and recover.” The newcomer continued: “You don’t want to end up in an institution, do you? Then you won’t be able to be with your son.” Still holding on to the hope she could see Seb again, Rebecca took her tablets, but her rage and frustration quickly returned. “He’s lying, you have to believe me,” Rebecca screamed. “Please please, you have to help me! You’re in danger too, Lachlan’s a murderer!”

By the simple fact, the nurse knew so much about the accident and the family’s situation, it seems she will be an important role in Rebecca’s escape and Lachlan’s conviction going forward. Perhaps the teenager confided his own guilt to the nurse in secret? Elsewhere, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) has been trying to get the truth from Lachlan, who is now locked up in prison. Afraid to believe her, Lachlan refused to tell her the truth about Rebecca’s fate, but his girlfriend was wearing him down bit by bit. “How do I know you mean all this, and you’re not just saying it to trick me?” the murderer asked. “When I got hit by Robert’s car, you could have run you could have got away and you didn’t,” Belle told him. “And I saw how much you love me. You got caught Lachlan you’ve thrown away your entire life for me, and I love you for that. How could I not stand by you now? “But if we’re gonna be together there have to be no secrets, we have to trust each other 100 per cent. If you tell them where Rebecca is it could help you in court. “I’m gonna go away for life,” Lachlan answered bluntly, before sharing his worries Belle won’t stand by him once more. “Course I will Lachlan,” she insisted, “but please I’m begging you, is Rebecca alive?” Lachlan failed to open up, but Belle later told Robert (Ryan Hawley) and Ross Barton (Michael Parr) she was making headway. Will Belle be the one to find Rebecca alive?


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