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Eddie Mair abruptly ends BBC career by calling in sick for last two days

Eddie Mair abruptly ends BBC career by calling in sick for last two days

Eddie Mair abruptly ended his two-decade run at the helm of the BBC’s flagship radio programme PM by calling in sick two days before his scheduled final show.

In an email to staff, Mair, who has presented the late-afternoon Radio 4 show since 1998, said he had “picked up one of those 48 hour bugs. Atishoo”. He was due to present Thursday and Friday’s PM but instead, he bowed out on Wednesday afternoon.  Presenter Eddie Mair reveals he was attacked in London “I’m sorry I’m not in the office today as planned. I seem to have picked up one of those 48 hour bugs. Atishoo,” he wrote. “No fuss or faff, just as I wanted… Perfect. Or as close to perfect as we’re likely to get.” He added: “From what I know of the plans for the department, PM is about to get a brilliant editor. The show, about which I care so much, is about to get even better. So this old fart is buggering off and leaving you to do what you all do brilliantly.”

Mair will host a new LBC show from September and will continue to present the Grenfell Enquiry Podcast for the BBC. Eddie Mair on Boris Johnson: ‘You are a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?’ The 52-year-old broadcaster revealed earlier in the summer he was assaulted while getting on a bus in London last year but felt too ashamed to report it to the police. Mair said he had decided to speak out in the wake of the recent attack of comedian Michael McIntyre who was robbed by two hammer-wielding thieves on a moped while he waited to pick his children up from school.


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