EastEnders spoilers: Keanu’s violent outburst shocks the Taylors

Keanu Taylor is one of Walford’s good guys but the pressure of numerous problems eventually gets to him next week.  The Taylors quiz Keanu about his bruised eye but Keanu is reluctant to tell them about the run-in with the gang.

It’s understandable – after all, Keegan is still grieving over Shakil’s death. Fed up with a barrage of questions, Keanu shocks everyone by punching a hole in the door. He then storms off. Keanu’s day gets worse after worried Keegan checks on him and lets slip a crucial detail about Keanu’s dad. Is it time Karen told him the truth? The gang who attacked Keanu and Dennis have also returned and Keanu is left furious and wound up by the day’s events. In the end it’s an unexpected person that pushes him to breaking point. When Hayley Slater picks up on Keanu’s bad mood and teases him, he snaps and does something that leaves Keanu disgusted with himself. But is Hayley okay?

What Keanu doesn’t know is that the cheeky Slater is pregnant. Hayley has already had to visit hospital once due to falling off Kat’s scooter.

What will Keanu do to her?

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