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‘Dan’s in there for a personality detox’: Body language expert reveals who is already acting in the CBB house

Celebrity Big Brother is back, and 13 stars are ready for us to see the real them – or, more likely, the version of them they want us to see. Launch night saw the celebrities meet each other in the house for the first time – although some housemates already knew one another. Dan Osborne and Gabby Allen shared a kiss on the cheek in the house, months after a rumour suggested Dan had cheated on then-pregnant Jacqueline Jossa with the Love Island star. Both stars denied that they had an affair, and seemed fairly chummy on launch night – but body language expert Judi James reckons that could have been down to Dan’s acting abilities.

When asked Judi if she sensed any awkwardness between the two, Judi said: ‘From him, no. The point with Dan is, he’s been in Towie, these guys can act their way out of any scenario. Overall, his body language looked pretty smug and he’s clearly gone in there to do what I call a personality detox. He wants to show he’s a nice, loveable family man again.

‘I think both of them must be aware of the fact that even doing a kiss on the cheek as a greeting will look like something else on TV. I think it’s rather mean, as Jacqueline has just had his second baby, and she’ll have to sit there watching him with a woman there has been rumours about. I hope they keep apart in an elegant way – I don’t want them to look like they’re avoiding each other or not keeping eye contact, because that would probably be worse. ‘The Towie men and ex-Towie men, when they go in there, I call them body language cockroaches – they manage to stay the entire run, usually without letting themselves down or letting their true personalities come out. They’ve gone in to look good and pretend to be very charming – I imagine that’s what Dan is going to do.’ And it’s not just Dan that Judi thinks is performing.


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