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CBB’s Natalie Nunn and Hardeep Singh Kohli to face public vote on Friday

CBB’s Natalie Nunn and Hardeep Singh Kohli to face public vote on Friday

She has already been branded a bully by viewers. So it’s perhaps not surprising that Natalie Nunn has become the first person to be nominated for eviction in Celebrity Big Brother. The brunette, 33, who shot to notoriety on Bad Girls Club, was put up for ejection by eight of her fellow housemates who are all sick of her brash, aggressive rants. She’ll go head-to-head with Hardeep Singh Kohli, who received six nominations, for a place in the Channel 5 surveillance house. Rodrigo Alves landed three nominations, while Chloe and Kirstie getting two each. Nick Leeson, Roxanne Pallett, Sally Morgan, Ryan Thomas and Gabby all got one apiece. Only Ben Jardine and Dan Osborne managed to avoid getting any nominations. Natalie Nunn received eight nominations from her housemates

Unfortunately, despite being the least popular resident, it seems that the housemates will be forced to share their living space with Natalie for a bit longer. According to Betfair, Hardeep is most likely to be evicted first with odds of 3/1. This is despite the fact Natalie launched into another huge tantrum during the nomination process, which saw her demand her housemates admit what their ‘storm’ is. “I want to know who I’m living with. I would like to know thing about people; who the f*** is married, who the f*** isn’t married, why you don’t have a ring on…” she said. “I am going to ask and that’s fine. I can ask and I will ask. It’s not just me, but the viewers at home probably don’t know who any of the motherf*****s are in here either.” Hardeep has constantly clashed with Natalie and some fans have branded her a vile bully

Some fans have branded Natalie a bully on Twitter, insisting that she’s reminiscent of Jade Goody. One viewer said: “It’s uncomfortable to watch Natalie. She best be careful before someone calls it bullying.” Another said: “Natalie’s a nasty piece of work.” However, others fear the show would be boring without her boorish attitude. “If Natalie gets evicted the show will be dead,” said one fan. Natalie and Hardeep will both face the public vote on Friday.


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