Sir Paul McCartney on Beatles’ sex lives: Closest I got to an orgy was wonderful experience with two hookers

Sir Paul McCartney on Beatles’ sex lives: Closest I got to an orgy was wonderful experience with two hookers

Sir Paul McCartney has said he was never into orgies – but he did once have a “wonderful experience” with two hookers in Las Vegas. The rock legend, 76, was responding to late bandmate John Lennon’s claim that The Beatles regularly held group romps during their tours. He said: “There weren’t really orgies, to my knowledge. There were sexual encounters of the celestial kind and there were groupies. I’m just not into orgies. I don’t want anyone else there. It ruins it!”

But speaking to GQ, he told of a menage a trois he had when the group toured the US – and how he believes John, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were up to similar things in adjoining hotel rooms. Sir Paul McCartney has been setting the record straight about the Beatles’ sex lives. Sir Paul said: “There was once when we were in Vegas where the tour guy, a fixer, said, ‘You’re going to Vegas, guys—you want a hooker?’. We were all, ‘Yeah!’. And I requested two. “And I had them and it was a wonderful experience. But that’s the closest I ever came to an orgy. “See, the thing is, in the next room I think the guys might have ordered something else off the menu. So that would figure if John was saying, yeah, it was all bacchanalian.

Macca says he wasn’t interested in orgies. “I think John was a little more that way, because thinking back, I remember there was someone in a club that he’d met, and they’d gone back to the house because the wife fancied John, wanted to have sex with him. “So that happened and John discovered the husband was watching. That was called ‘kinky’ in those days. So I think maybe John experienced a bit more of that than I did. “I just didn’t fancy it, that kind of thing. Someone else’s wife? I definitely wouldn’t want the husband to know. You know, that seems sensible to me.” Read More The Beatles had groupies queueing up to sleep with them

Sir Paul, who wed third wife Nancy Shevell in 2011, believes he and John would have a good relationship now if he were still alive, adding that it “would have just got better and better as we matured”. He said: “I think John would have loosened up a hell of a lot.” Sir Paul recently used Auto-Tune on his vocals for a track and said he reckons John, who was shot dead by crazed fan Mark Chapman in 1980, would have enjoyed experimenting with the device. He said: “If we’d had this in the Beatles, we’d have been – John, particularly – would be so all over it. All his freaking records would be… You can’t be so straitlaced to not expose yourself to experiences in life.” Sir Paul also claims the National Trust made him pay an entrance fee to visit his childhood home when he filmed a Carpool Karaoke skit there with James Corden.


Hollyoaks actress Anna Shaffer shares terrifying sexual assault she suffered on the TUBE when man ‘tried to put hand …

Hollyoaks actress Anna Shaffer shares terrifying sexual assault she suffered on the TUBE when man ‘tried to put hand …

Hollyoaks star Anna Shaffer has revealed she suffered a terrifying sexual assault on the tube today. The 26-year-old actress was left “shaken” after the alleged incident when she claims a man tried to put his hand down her underwear.

She later reported the assault to police and thanked a fellow passenger for stepping in and screaming at the man while she was frozen. “Thank you to the @TfL staff at Knightsbridge who just helped me report a sexual assault to the police after a man touched me and tried to put his hand in my knickers on a crowded tube carriage,” she tweeted this morning.

“Was shaken + nervous to report but they calmed me + guided me with care + kindness (sic).” Anna Shaffer reveals she suffered sexual assault on the tube in London

She tweeted: “Also to the brilliant + brave woman who saw it happened and screamed at him while I was frozen. “Hard to believe that these things are still happening so often on public transport but comforting to know there is stellar support on hand when it does (sic).” “1/2 Hi Anna. I’m really sorry that you had to experience that on the Tube,” TfL tweeted. “I hope that you’re now okay, & that they can catch the man who did this… “2/2 I’m pleased that the staff member at Knightsbridge was so caring and kind in helping you report this. I’ll pass this feedback on to the area manager for the station now. (sic)” Anna’s Hollyoaks co-stars rushed to comfort her.

Anna is best known for playing Ruby Button in Hollyoaks and Romilda Vane in the Harry Potter film franchise. The popular actress was sent messages of support from her soap co-stars. Jorgie Porter, who played Theresa McQueen, tweeted: “Hope u ok Anna (sic).” Meanwhile, Andy Moss, who played Rhys Ashworth, wrote: “That’s gross !!! Sendin you big love shaffs x (sic).” PJ Brennan, who played Doug Carter, added: “Love you, glad you’re okay, and grateful there were people there to help. Feel better xx.”


Piers Morgan QUITS Good Morning Britain in contract bombshell?

Piers Morgan QUITS Good Morning Britain in contract bombshell?

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan, 53, has hinted he won’t be on the show for much longer.

Piers has been hosting the show with Susanna Reid, 47, since 2015, after being offered a permanent role following a number of guest appearances. But it seems Piers may be ready to move onto pastures new after three years on the breakfast news show. Talking to Digital Spy about how long he will appear on the ITV show, Piers said: “Until the end of next year because I am contractually obliged to do it until then.”

Piers’ comment follows the news he recently signed a two year deal, meaning he will remain on the show until 2019. Susanna added to Piers’ statement, teasing: “Then he’s open to negotiations.” Neil Thompson also added about Piers’ possible departure: “Theoretically, we really hope he doesn’t leave, you build the show around people you’ve got.

ITV STEPPING DOWN?: Could Piers be saying goodbye to GMB? ITV EARLY MORNINGS: Piers revealed he nearly left because of his early starts. “It will always be an amazing show and we hope for as long as possible it’s an amazing show with Piers and Susanna.” Meanwhile, Piers rubbed some viewers today up the wrong way after grilling MP Tom Watson on Brexit, leading the politician to beg Piers to let him finish an answer. One posted: “Tried but physically cannot watch Piers Morgan. Obnoxious…never a TV presenter.” Another added: “So glad that guy told Piers Morgan to shut up and let him finish his sentence. Why ask if you don’t want to listen?”

The presenter admitted he almost quit earlier this year because he was struggling with the early mornings every day. But eventually Piers managed to negotiate a later start to the day, but will it be enough to keep him on the show?

Ashley Benson confirms relationship with Cara Delevingne on Instagram

Ashley Benson confirms relationship with Cara Delevingne on Instagram

Ashley Benson has confirmed her romance with Cara Delevingne, by leaving a cheeky Instagram comment on the Brit model’s page. The Pretty Little Liars actress, 28, couldn’t resist posting on Cara’s page this week after the model and actress shared a sultry shot of herself posing at TIFF. Underneath the snap fans noticed Ashley had commented ‘mine’ before adding some raunchy emojis.

Cheeky: Ashley Benson has confirmed her romance with Cara Delevingne, by leaving a cheeky Instagram comment on the Brit model’s page As well as the ‘mine’ comment, Ashley also wrote ‘I can see your’ and added some sushi emojis, which, according to Urban Dictionary mean a shaved vagina or to have unprotected sex. Cara and Ashley have been at the Toronto International Film Festival this week promoting their movie Her Smell, on the set of which their romance is believed to have started.  Rumours of their romance first began in April after they were spotted holding hands together during a late night in New York.

Love story: Pretty Little Liars actress, 28, couldn’t resist posting on Cara’s page this week after the model and actress shard a sultry shot of herself posing at TIFF Last month, was the first to publish proof of their love affair when pictures surfaced of the two kissing. Cara and Ashley were spotted arriving back to NYC after a trip together in the UK. In the photos the girls snuggled close together while waiting in line for a taxi and shared a passionate smooch. The photos also revealed the PLL star wearing a necklace with a ‘c’ initial on it, prompting fans to speculate that it stood for Cara.  She’s a fan! Ashley commented on a photo of Cara at TIFF in a racy sheer dress  When asked about their relationship recently by PEOPLE, Ashley wouldn’t confirm or deny the romance. ‘I think it’s the best way in any relationship,’ she said. ‘I’ve always been very private about them, and I think it’s just better.’  Cara has previously dated the likes of model and actress Paris Jackson, 20, singer St Vincent, 35, and Fast And Furious star Michelle Rodriguez, 40.

Starring together: Cara and Ashley have been at the Toronto International Film Festival promoting their movie Her Smell, on the set of which their romance is believed to have started


Emmerdale spoilers: Rebecca White is alive but there’s a VERY big twist

Emmerdale spoilers: Rebecca White is alive but there’s a VERY big twist

Viewers have been desperate to find out if Rebecca’s (played by Emily Head) alive for weeks on Emmerdale, as at first it appeared serial killer Lachlan (Thomas Atkinson) had removed her from the equation following a tense chase through the village woods. Lachlan kept Rebecca holed up in the shack at first, with barely any food or water, so many presumed if she was alive it would be hidden in a ditch by some strange twist of fate on the ITV soap. Instead, bosses unveiled a completely unexpected bombshell when it turned out Rebecca was being held in a secret house.

Clean and appearing well, Rebecca has been looked after by a mystery nurse, though her anguish has only multiplied after repeatedly begging the woman to believe she isn’t “crazy”. But is there an important clue in the scene which could lead to the identity of the mystery nurse? For one thing, the woman seemed to be completely on twisted psychopath Lachlan’s side, so she could be from Lachlan’s past, though likely not a friend of the whole White family as she and Rebecca didn’t seem to have a history. She could also be a carer in the hospital where Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) has been admitted to over the last several weeks, which would mean viewers have seen her before and simply not realised the key to Rebecca’s location was right there all along. Desperate to get the nurse to listen, Rebecca cried: “Please help me, please someone let me out! “No, I don’t need any more drugs,” she then complained, but the nurse didn’t bat an eyelid. “I’m not mad,” Rebecca tried again, as the nurse soothed: “You’ve had a head injury, you get confused sometimes.” With the nurse clearly under the impression Rebecca wasn’t of sound mind, the mother-of-one tried again anyway. “Look I told you, my nephew tried to kill me, he killed our whole family,” Rebecca said. “It was a tragic accident,” the nurse insisted. “Nobody’s fault. He loves you. He’s paying me a lot of money to help you rest and recover.” The newcomer continued: “You don’t want to end up in an institution, do you? Then you won’t be able to be with your son.” Still holding on to the hope she could see Seb again, Rebecca took her tablets, but her rage and frustration quickly returned. “He’s lying, you have to believe me,” Rebecca screamed. “Please please, you have to help me! You’re in danger too, Lachlan’s a murderer!”

By the simple fact, the nurse knew so much about the accident and the family’s situation, it seems she will be an important role in Rebecca’s escape and Lachlan’s conviction going forward. Perhaps the teenager confided his own guilt to the nurse in secret? Elsewhere, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) has been trying to get the truth from Lachlan, who is now locked up in prison. Afraid to believe her, Lachlan refused to tell her the truth about Rebecca’s fate, but his girlfriend was wearing him down bit by bit. “How do I know you mean all this, and you’re not just saying it to trick me?” the murderer asked. “When I got hit by Robert’s car, you could have run you could have got away and you didn’t,” Belle told him. “And I saw how much you love me. You got caught Lachlan you’ve thrown away your entire life for me, and I love you for that. How could I not stand by you now? “But if we’re gonna be together there have to be no secrets, we have to trust each other 100 per cent. If you tell them where Rebecca is it could help you in court. “I’m gonna go away for life,” Lachlan answered bluntly, before sharing his worries Belle won’t stand by him once more. “Course I will Lachlan,” she insisted, “but please I’m begging you, is Rebecca alive?” Lachlan failed to open up, but Belle later told Robert (Ryan Hawley) and Ross Barton (Michael Parr) she was making headway. Will Belle be the one to find Rebecca alive?


Bodyguard’s Richard Madden talks shyness, Game of Thrones and his ‘relentless’ new show

Bodyguard’s Richard Madden talks shyness, Game of Thrones and his ‘relentless’ new show

He spent his twenties playing Romeos − including the ill-fated Robb Stark in Game Of Thrones − but now Richard Madden is swapping the Bard for Bodyguard in BBC One’s hot new drama. Here, he tells Lucy Pavia why he’s ready to grow up.

The first 20 minutes of Jed Mercurio’s BBC One show Bodyguard should come with a health warning. In a high-stakes scenario worthy of a Hollywood action movie, for several long minutes you wonder if anyone on screen − including our new protagonist, police protection officer David Budd (Richard Madden) − will make it out alive. Madden has past form in this sort of sofa-tipping television. Who can forget the horror twist of the Game Of Thrones Red Wedding, which saw Madden’s Robb Stark and his family annihilated in the worst character bloodbath since the Royal Wedding episode of Dynasty? As it happens, when I speak to Madden he’s been at another Game Of Thrones wedding in his native Scotland, this time between old friends and co-stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie (‘there were no Red Wedding jokes, thank god,’ he says, ‘though I was waiting for them’), and enjoying a bit of downtime in the highlands, scaling Munros. He grew up further south, just outside Glasgow in a small village called Elderslie. ‘I love being up there, when it’s quiet and you can see a bit of horizon,’ he says in a still-broad Scottish accent. ‘In London, everything is right in front of your face.’

To talk to, Richard Madden is warm and a little diffident. He first got into acting to combat shyness as a kid, but still gets occasional attacks of it now. ‘I can get up on stage in front of 2,000 people and play Romeo,’ he says, ‘but I’d struggle to stand up in a room of 15 people and read something. I’ve got [to speak at] a friend’s wedding in September and that terrifies me more than Bodyguard coming out.’ The series is the latest offering from Line Of Duty writer and BBC virtuoso Mercurio. Madden first worked with him in 2015 as dishy gamekeeper Oliver Mellors in Mercurio’s adaptation of Lady Chatterley’s Lover. This new role is darker − a former soldier struggling with PTSD, Budd finds himself assigned to protect a pro-war politician played by Keeley Hawes (unlike the other Bodyguard, this one’s not a romance). ‘You’re not an adult, but you’re not a child anymore… [I had] to work out where I was supposed to be’ During filming, the pair discovered they’d been co-stars on another project almost two decades earlier, though they never met. That was Madden’s first break, age 11, as ‘Young Andy’ in a film adaptation of the Iain Banks novel Complicity. He’d been scouted at his local youth theatre where his parents (a firefighter and teacher) would drive him a few times a week, since his own school didn’t have a drama department. The movie part led to a regular role on kids’ TV show Barmy Aunt Boomerang. Things could have followed a familiar child-star route from there but, for Madden, the gulf between professional actor and school kid made him feel isolated – a situation not helped by bullying from his peers. Richard Madden as David Budd in Bodyguard ‘On set you have to learn your lines, you have to be on time, you have to do your job, but then you go back into high school where your relationship to adults is different,’ he says. ‘You’re not an adult but you’re not a child any more, you’re kind of in between. So I stopped acting for a while to catch up with myself; to work out where I was supposed to be.’ After finishing school, Madden went to train at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (now The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland), where in his final year he was cast as Romeo in the Globe Theatre’s production of Romeo & Juliet (a role he would reprise opposite Lily James in Kenneth Branagh’s 2016 production at the Garrick Theatre). Early screen roles in Hope Springs and the 2010 film Chatroom followed, but global fame would come with his casting in a then-fledgling show called Game Of Thrones. ‘I was 22 when I started that gig,’ he says. ‘I was so young and naive.’ It wasn’t initially clear if the show would see the light of day, particularly after a disastrous first pilot. ‘It was interesting to shoot a pilot and not know if it’s going to go. Then come back to reshoot and be there with different actors, directors and a slightly different script.’ ‘When I go to a different country with my parents and someone recognises me, they think, “Wow, [GOT] really has got legs because we’re in the middle of nowhere”’

He had a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw moment while promoting season one in New York. Too broke to take a cab, he hopped on to a bus that had his face on it. ‘People would say, “Hey, you know you look like that guy from that show?” I’d be like, “Oh, yeah, I get that all the time.”’ He found himself suddenly grateful for those early child star years. ‘Being on TV a couple of nights a week when you’re aged 12, on a show aimed completely at your peers, taught me what ten years later I would have to deal with on Game Of Thrones − the kind of recognition that you get, even though it wasn’t on such a huge scale,’ he says. Richard Madden as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones ‘I was much better equipped to deal with it.’ A four-year relationship with Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman also made him more of a tabloid target (since their relationship came to an end, he’s been linked to Suki Waterhouse and actress Ellie Bamber), as did taking on Prince Charming in a gargantuan Disney remake of Cinderella. How do his family react to his fame? ‘I think they’ve found it quite funny,’ he muses. ‘They still know me as their brother and son. When I go to a different country with my parents and someone recognises me, they kind of think, “Wow, [Game Of Thrones] really has got legs because we’re in the middle of nowhere.”’ Madden in 2015 with his then girlfriend Jenna Coleman Right now, Madden is enjoying a break from work, reconnecting with friends and family he had to neglect during the 15-hour, six-days-a-week Bodyguard filming schedule. ‘I needed time to recover from it − it was physically, emotionally and mentally draining,’ he says. Now age 32, and having played ‘so many versions of Romeo’ (including actual Romeo twice) in his twenties, he’s hoping this new role will show a more mature side. ‘The older you get, the harder it is to play the naivety because you know too much. So I’m kind of enjoying being older,’ he laughs, ‘and pretending I know more than I do.’ Bodyguard begins this month on BBC One


Dame Barbara Windsor recovering from heart surgery after medication complications

Barbara Windsor recovering from heart surgery after medication complications

Dame Barbara Windsor had to undergo a heart operation after side-effects of her Alzheimer’s medication left her dizzy and short of breath.

The EastEnders legend, 81, spent eight days in the hospital after collapsing at home, but husband Scott Mitchell, who has been married to Babs for 18 years, said she’s now on the road to recovery. “Barbara was suffering from a low heart rate which doctors thought was being caused by some of her medication,” he said. “She was getting very dizzy and short of breath and fainted one day at home, so she had an eight-day hospital spell about four weeks ago and they’ve put in a pacemaker for her.” The EastEnders icon with Ross Kemp and Steve McFadden.

He added: “She’s looking forward to getting out on the town again soon.” While her heart specialist Dr Rodney Foale added to The Sun: “Barbara is doing very well.” Aware of the operation, Christopher Biggins said he’ll be seeing his close friend next week, sharing: “We’re going to go out. She likes to go out because she spends a lot of time indoors.”

Scott first revealed his wife, who played Peggy Mitchell in EastEnders, was suffering from Alzheimer’s in May, though she was diagnosed with the disease in 2014. She kept it secret from all but her closest friends, but as her memory worsened and rumours began to circulate, devoted Scott decided to speak out. David visited Babs for a spot of afternoon tea

He said at the time: “Since her 80th birthday last August a definite continual confusion has set in, so it’s becoming a lot more difficult to hide.” He revealed vulnerable Babs “feels a kind of shame” about her condition and keeps asking him: “Do the public know that I’m not well?” But he added: “I’m doing this because I want us to be able to go out and, if something isn’t quite right, it will be OK because they will now know she has got Alzheimer’s and will accept it for what it is.”

Barbara’s memory problems had been spotted by fans and insiders. At an awards lunch in December she presented fellow actress June Whitfield with a Lifetime Achievement gong and appeared to be confused about when they starred together on EastEnders. At the same event reporters asked her how she celebrated her 80th birthday four months earlier. She replied: “I can’t remember” before asking Scott who went to her party. When quizzed about a possible role in Corrie, she admitted: “I don’t think I could learn those lines.”

Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin’s Engagement Has Kendall Jenner’s Approval

Hailey Baldwin’s Dad Completely Confirms Justin Bieber Engagement And Here is Your First Look At The Ring

It looks like Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber can officially breathe a sigh of relief, as Kendall Jenner has given their engagement her blessing. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is friends with both of them, so it’s no surprise she was all for them getting engaged when she was asked about it by Jimmy Fallon on NBC’s The Tonight Show.

When Jimmy quizzed her, she said: “Whatever makes them happy. I’m friends with both of them.” Kenny also let slip her long-time friend, Hailey’s, hidden talent, which is opening bottles with her teeth. She revealed it: “Makes me really nervous… I yell at her every time. It hurts my teeth.”

The model also admitted that she doesn’t “really care” for a lot of her family’s drama as she’s often out of LA working. But she did explain that their group chat situations get a little complicated: “We have a bunch of them, because all different people are in certain ones.” “I was on a group chat with Khloe and Kourtney the other day… and I don’t even think we were talking bad about any of our other family members,” she explained.

She added: “I had this realisation, like, do you guys have a group chat about me? Do you talk about me in other group chats.” “But they were like ‘Kendall you literally don’t do anything wrong’.” She added: “They don’t have anything bad to say about me, which is cool I guess.” Phew! And we bet Hailey and Justin are also relieved to know that Kendall will definitely be RSVPing to their upcoming wedding.


Ryan Thomas Wins Celebrity Big Brother

In a vote that surprised nobody, Ryan Thomas was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother.

The former Coronation Street star became a fan favourite early on but shot up in everyone’s estimation after being falsely accused of violence by fellow housemate Roxanne Pallett.

Speaking to host Emma Willis during his exit interview, the 34-year-old admitted that he would ‘forgive’ the Emmerdale actress for saying he had ‘punched’ her.

He also stated that, although her actions had left him like ‘a scared little boy’, he felt that she had ‘been punished by the public enough’.
The dad-of-one was finally shown a clip of the incident and appeared shocked and a little angry at some parts of what had been said afterwards.

He told Emma: ‘It was totally unexpected, it was a sign of affection that I’ve used on Gabby and the boys and unexpected because there was nothing in it.

‘As it unravelled it became bigger and bigger the whole thing that scared me was that she couldn’t stay in the room with me.

‘That rang alarm bells and the game became real life for me, I don’t know how much they showed, I did break.’
When Emma said that viewers had seen the moment he crumbled in the Diary Room, Ryan confessed:

‘I had no choice, I was a scared little boy. The place is lonely anyway, these are people that you grow a friendship with, your trust is in a different place, the one thing that held onto me is Sally, she’s been my mother since day one.

‘We all know how something can stick on a man, sometimes it can be done in the right way, or the wrong way.

‘I just wanted out I just wanted to get out, I thought I’d be getting a call from the police very soon, that’s not me, for once in my life I was glad that we had 24 hour surveillance on them.’

However, he did acknowledge the issues Roxanne may be dealing with to have made such an assumption.

Bearing that in mind, he added that ‘if she wants forgiveness and it makes it better, I would rather give her that.’

Ryan won the reality contest, beating out fellow finalists Kirstie Alley, Gabby Allen, Dan Osborne, Nick Leeson and Sally Morgan.

He was greeted with thunderous applause when he exited the Big Brother house and from the reaction on Twitter, it’s safe to say that he was a very popular winner!

A BIG Congratulations, Ryan!

Russell Grant has worrying warning from the stars for Holly Willoughby ahead of I’m A Celebrity

Russell Grant has worrying warning from the stars for Holly Willoughby ahead of I’m A Celebrity

Russell Grant has given Holly Willoughby a worrying warning about her new presenting role on I’m A Celebrity.

The astrologer fears that something bad may happen in the Australian jungle because of the alignment of the planets.

During his segment on today’s This Morning, Russell said: “A strong energy leads to a career change.”

This struck a chord with Holly, who is an Aquarius, as she is set to head off to replace Ant McPartlin later this year.

But there could be a few shocks in store if Russell is looking at the stars correctly.

He said: “Well you’re off into the jungle darling aren’t you. Probably about the same time these planets are all happening, so that will be interesting for you.

Wanting to know what he meant by the bizarre remark, shocked Holly replied: “In a good way?”

There wasn’t much confidence coming from Russell as he tried to reassure the presenter.

Russell said: “I certainly think it will be an eye opener for all of you. No i think you’ll be fine as its an Aquarius thing.

“For Aquariuns everywhere it’s all about career change and doing things that you once thought I’m never going to do that but are now doing it.”

Russell really seemed to be on the mark today as Phil’s reading also proved thought provoking.

As an Aries, Phil was told that he would be getting rid of any excess baggage that had been plaguing his life.

“It works for both of us,” joked Phil. “You’re going and I’m getting rid of the baggage.”