‘I wear the trousers’ Celia Walden on Good Morning Britain

Life Stories is back as a host of celebrities open up about their personal lives. When it comes to Piers’ own personal life, his wife Celia Walden says she wears the trousers.

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories is a series of hour-long episodes which explore the personal lives of famous faces. Piers is unafraid to dig deep and ask sometimes difficult questions of his guests. This series will have seven episodes, with five guests revealed so far. These are Lord Alan Sugar, Michael Barrymore, Mel B, Harry Redknapp and Sir Michael Parkinson.

The latest episode was with comedian and television presenter Michael Barrymore, and Piers took to Twitter to tell his 6.66million followers to watch it. He tweeted: “Barrymore – the most extraordinary Life Stories show you will ever watch.”Piers’ wife Celia Walden has often spoken about life with the ITV Good Morning Britain Star, confessing she believes she wears the trousers.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain in May 2018 she responded to the question of whether she wore the trousers in their relationship, saying: “Uhh yes, I think so! I think women are always quietly in charge, I just think it’s best to let the men think that they are.

Piers is married to journalist Celia Walden, a journalist, novelist and critic, born in Paris,  but raised in London. She wrote for the Daily Mail before becoming the last editor of The Daily Telegraph’s diary section Spy. She and Piers have a five-year-old daughter called Elise, who is Piers’ fourth child and only girl. Piers and Celia began dating in 2006, marrying four years later on June 24, 2010.

Celia is not afraid to poke fun at her partner. She took to Instagram with a picture of Piers’ gimmick hairdryer – Morgan 3000 – blowing her hair over her face. The hairdryer blows hot air out of a model of Piers’ mouth and was debuted on Good Morning Britain. Celia captioned the image: “Does anyone know where the ‘off’ button on the Morgan 3000 is?“ Been looking for 13 years – and it smells like something’s gonna blow. “Might be our marriage #goodmorningbritain #morgan3000 #cantstandtheheat”

Watch Piers Morgan Life Stories in on ITV1 tonight at 9.35pm.

Katy Perry has bought ‘blood on her hands’ says nun amid convent property claims

Katy Perry’s battle with a Roman Catholic nun over a property purchase has intensified after one nun collapsed and died during a court appearance in March of 2018, and another said the singer has “blood on her hands”.

The singer has been in a legal battle over the sale of a Los Angeles convent for a number of years, and now Sister Rita Callanan, the only surviving nun who lived at the Order of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, spoke out against Perry over the death of Sister Catherine Rose Holzman. ‘I really don’t like Katy Perry. I’m sure she doesn’t like me,’ the 81-year-old told The New York Post. She added that the singer has ‘blood on her hands.’

According to Sister Callanan, Holtzman’s last words were: ‘Katy Perry. Please stop.’ The sisters of the Archdiocese have been trying to sell a convent in the Los Feliz neighbourhood of LA to a restauranteur named Dana Hollister. However, drama began when the Firework hitmaker expressed interest in the property in 2015, and eventually bought it for $14.5million (£11.38million), according to the Mail Online.

The nuns had attempted to sell the property to the businesswoman, but the archdiocese told them they had no right to do so, given that they had already approved a sale to Perry. In 2016 a judge declared the nuns’ sale invalid, and Perry was awarded millions of dollars in damages. Problems commenced in December 2017 when a court ordered Hollister to pay compensation to both the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and Katy for interfering in a sale between the two parties.

The nuns lived on the eight-acre property for many years after it was purchased in 1972. The case has been put on hold following the nun’s death, although they had previously appealed to Pope Francis directly to give them their convent back. ‘We have an agreement with Rome. It’s in writing and it says if there are any disputes, they are to be settled in Rome,’ Sister Rita said previously. The nuns hadn’t wanted to sell the property to Katy Perry reportedly because they did not approve of the singer’s image.

Callanan’s legal team told The Post that Perry no longer wants the property.

Make-up free Perrie Edwards looks amazing in selfie as she snuggles up with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Perrie Edwards has been enjoying a well-earned break in Ibiza with her hunky footballer beau, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – and judging by her latest holiday snap, the couple are more in love than ever.

The Little Mix singer, 25, drove fans wild with her latest sensual snap, which sees her lovingly wrap her arms around a shirtless Alex, also 25, as he snuggles into her chest. Showing off her freckles with the make-up free snap, Perrie simply captioned the image: ‘Sun kissed’.

Her followers were quick to compliment the couple on such a beautiful image, with one commenting: ‘Stop it! This is definitely the most beautiful picture EVER .’ Another gushed: ‘Perrie you’re a queen and your freckles are your crown’ While a third took the opportunity to advise Perrie that Alex is her soulmate, writing: ‘I believe everyone is meant to meet someone who is there other half.

Perrie and Alex were definitely made for each other they are both each other’s half.’ Perrie appears to be in the sharing mood as she enjoys her sun-soaked getaway. On Friday she shared some very raunchy photos, which saw Alex in a rather compromising position, posing with his head level with Perrie’s waist as she pushed him towards her and stuck her tongue out. In her caption, the singer joked: ‘He never takes photo ops seriously… If you can’t beat em, join em!’

The holiday follows Perrie’s recent trip to Madrid, where she jetted off to support Alex as his team, Liverpool, competed in and won the Champions League Final. Despite Alex being benched during Liverpool’s 2-0 victory against Tottenham Hotspur, Perrie showed support, backing her man as she ran on the pitch to congratulate him as the match finished. The couple then smiled for photos, posing with the trophy in matching Liverpool shirts whilst looking as loved up as ever. We just love these two so much!

Piers Morgan drops a ‘SEX’ bombshell

Piers Morgan stunned the entire Good Morning Britain studio today with a bizarre ‘SEX’ bombshell. The Good Morning Britain presenter seemed surprised with himself after making the shocking revelation.

Rylan Clark-Neal joked that Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby actually “hate each other”. When asked if they really get on, he said: “Oh no they hate each other. It’s awful up there. They don’t talk to each other. It’s terrible.”

Referring to her relationship with Piers, Susanna Reid asked: “So it’s actually like this but in real life?  Rylan replied: “Yeah but at half 10.”

Seizing his moment, Piers said: “It’s like this – only without the sex.” Even Piers seemed shocked with what he’d said as he covered his mouth with his hand. There was a stunned silence in the studio followed by a few muffled giggles.

Susanna did not look impressed with her co-host, who burst out laughing. Breaking the tension in the air, Rylan said: “Good Morning Britain. Thanks for having me.”

Charlotte Hawkins collapsed to the desk with her head in her hands. Susanna said: “You are a HR claim waiting to happen Piers Morgan.” Piers ignored his co-host and went straight to the competition.

Justin Bieber Slams Fan Who Said He Married Hailey To Get Back At Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber has lashed out at a troll who claimed he only married Hailey Baldwin to get back at ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The rude AF comment read: “You are NOT in love with Hailey! You only married her to get back at SG, plus Hailey sleeps with men like @ShawnMendes for fame and she’s racist.”

In response, Justin replied: “Why would I dedicate my whole life to someone in marriage to get back and my ex, anyone who believes this is mean spirited or 10 years old or younger because a logical person doesn’t talk or think this way. He continued: “I absolutely loved and love Selena she will always hold a place in my heart, but I am head over heals in love with my wife and she is absolutely the BEST THING that has ever happened to me period.  “I will never respond again to a message like this because I don’t like to even give it my energy but this is a reply to all the immature sick people who send Hailey hurtful messages like ‘he always goes back to Selena’ or ‘Selena is better for him’ YOU HAVE NO IDEA MY LIFE AND WHATS good for me!!”

The 25-year-old concluded: “Hailey is my Bride period if you don’t like that or support that that means you don’t support me and if you don’t support me your not a fan nor a good person”  This comes days after Hailey revealed in an interview with Cosmopolitan that she’s been forced to stop reading any of her Instagram comments because the abuse is getting too much for her to handle.

Dumbo remake fails to takeoff with the critics

Eva Green plays French trapeze artist Colette with Dumbo, Tim Burton’s re-imagining of the 1941 Disney animated classic Dumbo has failed to dazzle many film critics ahead of its release.

One critic  gave the film one star, calling it “pointlessly complicated and drawn out”. In his two-star review, Robbie Collin said it “has to be counted as a failure”.

The live-action/CGI film stars Danny DeVito, Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton and Eva Green. Thandie Newton’s daughter Nico Parker makes her film debut as the daughter of Farrell’s former circus star, taking a shine to the big-eared baby elephant.

Burton is known for fantastical films like Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow, and for re-imagining Batman, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland.

Reporter David Rooney declared his new version of Dumbo a “frustratingly uneven picture” that “holds the attention but too seldom tugs at the heartstrings”.

Owen Gleiberman said it “transforms a miraculous tale into a routine story by weighing it down with a lot of nuts and bolts it didn’t need”. Other critics found it more endearing.

Ben Travis awarded it four stars, calling it “an enchanting blend of Disney twinkle and Tim Burton’s dark whimsy”.

However, Peter Bradshaw’s review called it “a flightless pachyderm of a film that saddles itself with 21st Century shame at the idea of circus animals”. While admitting there were some moments where Dumbo “teeters on the verge of flight”, those moments were “cancelled out by boredom, as the pointlessly complicated and drawn out story grinds on to its tiresome conclusion”.

Chris Hunneysett gave the film three stars, writing: “For a film set in the circus, it lacks the toothy grandstanding pizzazz which Hugh Jackman brought to his smash, The Greatest Showman… “This Dumbo story does occasionally fly – but only just.”

‘Looks glorious’ Jamie East’s three-star review said the remake “has all the darkness we expect from a Disney film”, such as death, abuse and bigotry. But he said it lacked heart. “It’s as if Tim Burton kept forgetting to be Tim Burton and felt like he should be making The Greatest Showman 2,” he wrote. “Having said that – It looks utterly glorious. The animals are perfectly rendered and the Art-Deco universe is splendorous.”

Lorraine Kelly sparks concern among female viewers as she confessed she never takes off her bra

Lorraine Kelly admits she never takes her bra off and even wears one in bed – prompting viewers to brand the habit ‘odd’ and ‘unhealthy’.

Presenter Lorraine Kelly, 59 from Glasgow, never takes off her bra and will sleep in it. Her confession sparked concern for her health among ITV viewers. The Lorraine host shared her secret with Loose Women panelist Coleen Nolan.

While many women love to ditch their bras in the comfort of their own home, Lorraine Kelly has admitted she’s so attached to her underwear that she never takes hers off – even to sleep.

The presenter said: ‘I even sleep in it. I don’t feel right when I take my bra off. I feel weird.  ‘I take my make-up off and scrape my hair up but my bra remains on.’

Sure enough, viewers took to social media to express their shock with one writing: ‘You are very odd. All women take their bra off’. Another tweeted: ‘Lorraine Kelly sleeps with her on?! God the thought of that makes me feel discomfort. I could never. I mean, honey forget the bed, as soon as I walk through the front door the bra is slid out through the sides in two seconds.’

However, Lorraine did have some supporters, who also feel much better keeping their bra on.  A separate person tweeted: ‘Bra on at all times hate the feeling of it being off.’ A second added: ‘I do. I only take mine off when I’m in the bath’, while another wrote: ‘I’m with you Lorraine …..sleep in mine too!!’

Eve’s back in the New Killing Eve Trailer

Valentine’s Day this year brought more than just a surge in last-minute chocolate and flower sales and the lingering feeling of disappointment for many. It also delivered the teaser trailer for the much-anticipated second series of Killing Eve.

Another trailer has arrived, and it promises a reassuring blend of spy craft, obsession and great albeit terrible clothing choices. Originated in the brain of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Killing Eve continues the cat-and-mouse thriller that sees the return of assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and operative Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh). It seems the roles of hunter and hunted might be flipped as their mutual obsession continues.

Expect plenty of witty dialogue and perfectly-pitched awkwardness, as seen in the trailer with that literal water cooler moment. Fiona Shaw and Sean Delaney are among those returning, with director Damon Thomas and executive producer Emerald Fennell in charge this time. The new episodes start on AMC and BBC America in the States on 7 April, but there’s no exact date yet for it to arrive in the UK. Hopefully we won’t have to wait as long this time…

Theresa May’s last Brexit gamble in pieces as resignation plan is insufficient

Theresa May played her final card tonight telling Tory MPs that she will quit if they back her Brexit deal.

The emotional Prime Minister told a packed meeting she will quit before the next stage of talks – but only if her twice-defeated divorce plan passes at the third attempt. She had been under intense pressure to stand down to allow a new Tory leader to take Brexit talks in a fresh direction. Almost immediately leading Brexiteer Boris Johnson announced that he would now back the PM’s plan.  But, with the hardline DUP and dozens of Tory eurosceptics standing firm the chances of her ‘meaningful vote’ passing looked remote.

With MPs failing to agree a majority on any alternative option, the Government was gearing up for a long delay to Brexit with just two weeks to go until the extension deadline. But, Downing Street was clinging to the hope that her momentous decision could smooth the way for her plan to finally pass this week. Senior Tory sources suggested the party would kick off a leadership contest on May 22, with the new PM in place by mid-July.  No 10 insiders suggested if it did not go through she would not feel able to resign amid the chaos that would inevitably follow. “It’s hard to see how we could have time for a leadership contest in quite the same way if we’re still in the middle of trying to take us out,” one said.

Mrs May faces an immense uphill battle after the DUP confirmed it would vote against the divorce deal, with party leader Arlene Foster saying it “poses a threat to the integrity” of the UK. Arlene Foster said the DUP cannot support the PM’s deal

A hardcore group of more than 30 Tory eurosceptics were also holding out. And she needs to win over Labour MPs with Leave seats who are anxious that if they back the deal they could end up with a Brexiteer PM. They want her to promise a formal role for Parliament in setting a negotiating mandate for the next stage of talks with Brussels. It remains unclear whether the Speaker will even allow the PM to bring her plan back for a third time.

The chances of a general election increased dramatically after Mrs May’s announcement.  Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “A change of Government can’t be a Tory stitch-up, the people must decide.” Tory heavyweights immediately started jostling for position – with about a dozen expected to throw their hats in the ring.

Environment secretary Michael Gove emerged as the early favourite as a unity candidate between Brexiteer and Remainer wings of the party. But, he may be hard pressed to persuade colleagues he is trustworthy, after stabbing his former ally Mr Johnson in the back last time, and is still trying to shed his toxic image after being demoted by David Cameron. Mr Johnson has long been planning a comeback after dropping out of the 2016 race but could struggle to win over MPs in the first round of the leadership contest who regard him self-serving.   However, he is popular with the public and is generally regarded as having an electoral stardust many of his colleagues lack.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt is the PM’s favoured successor as she is understood to believe he will deliver on her Brexit vision – an endorsement that may not be entirely helpful.   Home Secretary Sajid Javid, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Liz Truss and Health Secretary Matt Hancock are all expected to have a shot. Mrs May is the fourth Tory PM after Margaret Thatcher, John Major and David Cameron to be forced out by the Tory civil war over Europe. There are plans for her to have one last big trip to the G20 summit at the end of June in Japan if her deal passes.

In a packed room in the House of Commons, she told MPs: “I have heard very clearly the mood of the Parliamentary party.  “I know there is a desire for a new approach – and new leadership – in the second phase of the Brexit negotiations – and I won’t stand in the way of that.” Tory sources said an emotional Mrs May had accepted that she had mistakes. She told them: “I know I don’t hang around in the bars, I know I don’t gossip in the tea rooms, but that doesn’t mean your concerns haven’t been heard.” As MPs spilled out of the room, they rallied around the PM and insisted she had acted in the national interest.  Several confirmed they would now back the deal as a result of her announcement.

Scots Secretary David Mundell added: “She believes in the national interest that a change of leadership is required for the next stage of negotiations.” Mr Johnson, chased down the corridor, would only say: “The PM spoke very well and was very warmly received.”  Minutes later he told a meeting of the Brexiteer European Research Group of Tory MPs that he was “reluctantly” backing the deal.  The top Brexiteer had previously accused the PM of “wrapping a suicide vest” around the British constituntion and “handed the detonator” to Brussels with her deal.  Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith and leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg also said they would fall in line.  But, hardline eurosceptic Steve Baker told the ERG he was consumed by “ferocious rage” and could resign the Tory whip.  One ERG source said that he was hugged by Mr Rees-Mogg and senior Brexiteers. “We are not a hugging group,” they added.

Mrs May’s announcement is the latest dramatic twist in a three-year saga but, it still remains unclear how, or even if, the UK will leave. EU sources were pessimistic about the chances of the Government being able to strike a path through the crisis.  Several warned that a No Deal Brexit was looking much more likely. MPs voting on eight alternative Brexit options failed, as expected, to achieve a majority on any of those on the table. The result made a long extension, a general election and No Deal all more likely.The most popular options were a second referendum, which 268 MPs voted for, and a UK-wide customs union, which 264 MPs supported. Both had more support than Mrs May’s own deal, which just 242 MPs backed at the second attempt. With the Brexit process thrown into yet more confusion, MPs will have another chance to vote on the same options on Monday. After the vote, Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay urged MPs to fall in behind the PM’s plan. “There are no guarantees about where this process will end,” he said.

Korean band BTS release thier new album Map of the Soul: Persona

Korean band BTS will release their new album next month and have shared the first taste of their album ‘Map Of The Soul: Persona’ in their new comeback trailer.

The band recently confirmed that the new tracks would be released on April 12, marking a new era for the group following their 2017-18 trilogy ‘Love Yourself’.  Part of the clip features leader RM rapping in front of a blackboard with words related to psychologist Carl Jung’s theory about the human psyche, including persona, ego, and shadow.

The title of BTS’ new album refers to that theory. Graffiti is painted on the walls of the classroom, including phrases like “Who am I?” And “Who are you?”. Further details of ‘Map Of The Soul: Persona’, including tracklists and album artwork, have yet to be confirmed. The band will celebrate its release by making an appearance on SNL on April 13.

On March 26 saw the release of RM’s latest collaboration with Honne. The rapper featured on a new version of their song ‘Crying Over You’. The upcoming range of BTS Mattel dolls were also unveiled online yesterday. The collection was inspired by the seven-piece band’s music video for ‘Idol’. The dolls will reportedly be released in September.

BTS will return to the UK in June to perform two shows at Wembley Stadium as part of the ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’ world tour. Tickets for the first concert sold out within 90 minutes. The gigs follow the band’s UK debut last year, when they performed two sold-out shows at London’s The O2.