At UK Celebrity News (UKCN), we are all professional journalists.

UKCN was established in 2013 and has been an iconic entertainment news brand serving as the go-to industry resource for celebrity, sports, politics and fashion news. Through our top-ranking website and social media platforms, and one of the most well-respected news curator in the industry.

UKCN seeks to build a dialogue about the news by detailing the intersections of UK Culture and the “spirit of the times” [or Zeitgiest]. Rather than focusing on the how, when, which, who, where, the experts who write for UKCN cover the why—why the world events turn out the way they do, how the times have evolved, and why the way the events are matters in the future.

To fulfil its mission, UKCN focuses on a broad stroke of news today, covering everything from entertainment, sports, showbiz, health, lifestyle and fashion.

UKCN is bold. Distinguished. Challenging. Experienced. Savvy.

As the news world has evolved over the decades, UKCN has learnt from the trends and will continue to evolve to bring its readers the best news from the most prominent authors, legends and critics in the field today. Print’s contributing editors and regular writers include –

Emma Jones who covers all entertainment news.

Harry Smith who covers the sports news.

Olivia Williams who specialises in the Royal Family correspondence.

Amelia Smith who writes all things politics.

Jack Brown who is an expert in health-related news.

Abigail Taylor who covers everything Fashion.

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